zombiielandFans of the original Zombieland cult classic film have been waiting anxiously for news about a sequel. So far news has been hard to get because the project has been stalled out. But recently it seems that Zombieland 2 got a push forward when it was confirmed that Sony Pictures has hired Dave Callaham to write the sequel, Zombieland 2. Callaham wrote The Expendables script and has worked on other dark scripts in the past so he is a good choice to write the sequel. Unfortunately there is no director assigned to the project yet and the stars of the film have been silent on what role if any they want in the sequel. Since the original film several of the stars have gone on to quite successful careers and they might not want to revisit their Zombieland past. Only time will tell at this point.

Zombie films are trendy right now due in part to the success of The Walking Dead on TV. As the 5th season of the smash hit TV show gets ready to start more and more networks and movie studios are paying attention to the public’s voracious appetite for good zombie content. Even though The Walking Dead is a drama and Zombieland was more of a dark comedy there is still a strong audience for a Zombieland sequel. It sounds like Sony is on board to get the sequel started so hopefully the project won’t find itself shelved yet again.

The original Zombieland came out in 2009 and followed the adventures of Columbus played by Jesse Eisenberg and Tallahassee played by Woody Harrelson. They travel together through a post-zombie apocalypse US trying to get to Columbus, OH so that Columbus can see if his parents have made it through the apocalypse. In this bleak world survivors try not to get attached to one other because of the high chances that they will be killed. So instead of going by their names each survivor goes by their city of origin. Along the way Columbus realizes that too much carnage has occurred because of the zombie apocalypse and that his parents are most likely dead.

In Zombieland the apocalypse was started by a mutation of Mad Cow disease that spread to humans and become Mad Human disease and ultimately caused humans to turn into zombies. Tallahassee has a love of Twinkies that he tries to satisfy throughout the film by trying to find Twinkies in stores and other places where they try to find food that is still edible. Along the way they meet two sisters, Wichita and Little Rock, and they travel with the sisters who are going to an old amusement part in California. Since Tallahassee and Columbus have nothing better to do they go along with the sisters to the amusement park, killing zombies all the way.

Zombieland is regarded as one of the classic films in the zombie movie canon even though it is more of a comedy than a drama. The modern setting of the film in addition to the zombie action make it a film that most horror and zombie movie buffs enjoyed. Whether or not a sequel would have the same dark edge or the same humor remains to be seen but if the sequel does manage to pull off the same vibe as the original it will as big of a hit as the original was for sure. At the box office the film made more than 60 million dollars in less than 3 weeks, giving it the title of the top earning zombie movie in history. Critics also liked the movie and the small ensemble cast were nominated for many awards for their performances.

There’s still a lot of the post-zombie apocalypse that audiences didn’t get to see in Zombieland. It would be interesting if the sequel is set in a new part of the country and showed more of the post-apoclypse world. Whether the sequel follows the original characters or introduces new characters it should be a movie that fans will enjoy. Hopefully the script is being written now and the rest of the production will start in spring of 2015. Zombieland 2 may be slow but it’s still alive and still something that fans want to see.


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