Show Your Love for Zombies by Celebrating Zombie Appreciation Month!  Did you know that zombies have their own appreciation and awareness month? May is Zombie zombieAppreciation Month each year. Even though most people think that October should be Zombie Appreciation Month because Halloween is in October the official month for celebrating all things zombie is May. That’s because May is the month when several very important zombie movies and shows take place, including the original zombie film Night of the Living Dead. During Zombie Appreciation Month people who love zombies should wear a gray awareness ribbon to help raise awareness of zombies and the potential zombie threat to civilization.

Some people don’t think zombies need their own appreciation and awareness month. But when you think about the huge impact that zombies have had on popular culture it does make sense that they have their own month. Zombies have come to represent all kinds of pandemics and major disasters that people might face. Even the CDC recognized the importance of zombies when they put out their famous preparation manual that used a zombie apocalypse as a fictional scenario to illustrate the importance of preparing for disaster. The Walking Dead, arguably the most successful zombie theme film or TV show, even had higher ratings than the Winter Olympics. Zombies have become an integral part of popular culture.

So this May you should show your love of zombies and celebrate zombies during Zombie Appreciation Month in May. You can wear a gray awareness ribbon to promote the awareness of zombies but there are lots of other ways you can celebrate too. Try to include as many friends as possible in your celebrations to teach people more about zombies and how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Here are just a few ways that you can participate in Zombie Appreciation Month this year:

Attend a Zombie Walk – Zombie walks are usually held in October close to Halloween but some will be held for Zombie Appreciation Month too. Many zombie walks are fun events that raise money for charity or have participants bring canned foods for local food pantries. Attending a zombie walk will give you the chance to meet other zombie fans in your area as well as do some good for people who need a little help. You also get to wear some great zombie makeup and see what it would be like to live as a zombie for a day.

Do a Zombie Run – IF you are athletic or just want more of a challenge you can sign up for a zombie run. Zombie runs are usually 5K obstacle courses that are infested with zombies. If you have ever wondered if you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse a zombie 5K run will show you what you’re in for when the zombie apocalypse comes. You will need to run up and down hills, through the woods, through water, through abandoned creepy buildings that look like something from the set of The Walking Dead. You’ll also have to avoid being tagged by a zombie the entire way if you want to survive and finish the race as a survivor and not as a zombie.

Host a Viewing Party of The Walking Dead – A great way to show your friends what will happen after the zombie apocalypse is to host a viewing party of The Walking Dead. Zombie Appreciation Month coincides with the end of The Walking Dead Season 4. You can hold a viewing party and watch a marathon of all the episodes in Season 4, or watch the series from the beginning if you want to see how much the characters and the zombies have changed through the course of four seasons.

Hold a Zombie Bash – What better reason is there to dress up in May than Zombie Appreciation Month? You don’t have to wait for Halloween to throw an awesome party. Throw a Zombie Appreciation party and have your guests dress up as zombies or apocalypse survivors for one night. Watch zombie films and eat delicious food with a zombie theme like brain cupcakes. You can prepare zombie apocalypse survival kits as party favors. Make Zombie Appreciation Month a festive month this year!




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