ugly-sweatersThe holidays don’t have to end on a sad note. Send off the holidays with a laugh by having an Ugly Sweater Party. Ugly Sweater parties are very trendy right now and holding one at the end of the holiday season or for New Year’s Eve will give your loved ones a chance to start the New Year on a happy note.

Ugly Sweater Parties are great for social media so if you have been wanting to get some Instagram or Twitter worthy pictures an Ugly Sweater Party is a great chance to take photos that will really stand out. You can even make your Ugly Sweater uglier by stapling ornaments, crochet animals and other items onto it. If you want to take your Ugly Sweater to the next level try wearing an Ugly Suit, which is an entire suit patterned like a traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater. Your Instagram followers will love it.

Here are some tips for throwing a fun Ugly Sweater Part for New Year’s Eve:

Sweaters for Everyone and Everything
As part of the décor for your Ugly Sweater party put sweaters on everything. You can find or make small doll ugly sweaters that you can put on candleholders, spoons, candy canes, wine bottles and alcohol bottles, glasses, utensils, and anything else that will stand still. The one thing you can’t do with an Ugly Sweater party is go over the top so whatever isn’t moving throw a sweater on it. It should go without saying that your pets should all be wearing ugly sweaters too. You can even make sugar cookie sweaters and decorate them to be ugly sweaters for guests to munch on. There’s no such thing as too many ugly sweaters at an Ugly Sweater Party.

Make Awards that Look Like Sweaters
You must have an Ugly Sweater costume so there needs to be awards given out for the best ugly sweaters. Make the awards look like the ugliest sweaters you can think of. Add glitter, ribbons, lights, and anything else you can fit on there to make them look authentic. Be sure to have an Ugly Sweater parade and get photos of the winners with their awards. The fans on your social media accounts will love looking at the best of the worse from your party and your friends will never live down the photographic evidence of their terrible sweaters.

Create an Ugly Sweater Drinking Game
Watch old Christmas movies, especially 80s movies, and create a drinking game based on the sweaters that pop up in those old movies. This is great for a New Year’s Eve party. Just make sure that you take everyone’s keys first. Even an ugly sweater won’t protect them if they get behind the wheel after drinking so it’s better to be safe than sorry and take everyone’s keys up front. Surprise them with sweater shaped pancakes in the morning.

Let People Make Their Own Ugly Sweaters
Buy some ugly sweaters or even just plain sweaters from a secondhand shop and let people create their own sweaters. They will be inspired by all the other ugly sweaters and the fun party atmosphere. Make sure that you have plenty of fabric paint, LED lights, and accessories like elf ears, Santa hats, wigs, makeup, glitter, glue, pipe cleaners and other supplies that people can use. You will be wowed by the awesomely ugly designs people can come up with when left to their own devices with a little glitter, a fabric pen, and a Santa hat. You will also need supplies like ribbon, glue, buttons, and general craft supplies. This is a great way to get kids involved in the party.

Ugly Sweater Fashion Show
Get the crowd ready to ring in the New Year with an ugly sweater fashion show just before midnight. Your friends and family members can show off their fantastic ugly creations and the winner can celebrate their prize at midnight as the New Year starts. Accessories like makeup and reindeer antlers will put your ugly sweater ensemble over the top for the fashion show so don’t forget to accessorize.


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