The first three seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead have shattered records and confirmed The Walking Dead as one of the most successful TV shows in history. Both old and new fans are anxiously awaiting the start of season 4 which will premiere near Halloween in 2014. The main characters from The Walking Dead like Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Maggie are going to be showing up everywhere as some of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. The other stars of the show, the zombies, are always popular for Halloween and this year will be no exception.


Fans are already buzzing about season 4 of The Walking Dead because the main villain of season 3, The Governor, didn’t die in the season final as everyone assumed he would. In interviews the writers and director of the show have said that The Governor will be around for a long time causing trouble for Rick and other survivors. But at the end of season 3 the residents of Woodbury who were abandoned by The Governor joined Rick and the others at the prison which will bring in a series of new challenges and a new group dynamic for the previously small band of survivors. In addition to the newcomers the original survivors will be dealing with their own losses from the previous season. Michonne and the others were shocked at Andrea’s death. Daryl will have to deal with the pain of losing his brother Meryl again after finding out earlier in season 3 that Meryl was still alive after assuming he had died way back in season 1.




Adjusted relationships will affect the others too, as Rick struggles to stop Carl from losing his humanity along with his childhood. Fans have been debating for months what will happen to Carl. After losing so many people important to him like Sophia, Shane and then his mother Lori Carl is becoming a product of the severe world that the survivors inhabit and Rick will have to work hard to help Carl find a balance between humanity and safety. Even though Andrea died in the season finale the writers have said that the possibility exists for Andrea to appear in season 4 in flashback. Fans are anxious to see those flashbacks that tell more of the story of how Andrea was found by Michonne and what happened to them when Andrea was separated from the rest of the group after the farm was overrun in season 2.


For the last couple of years people have had a lot of fun dressing up as their favorite Walking Dead characters for Halloween. Because the season 4 premiere is so close to Halloween there will be a lot of people choosing Walking Dead costumes this year. Rick, Lori and Carl costumes are great for families. And nothing beats going out Trick or Treating as a family of zombies. Your kids will love the chance to dress as zombies even if they are too young to watch The Walking  Dead with you.


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