the walking deadHalloween is coming fast and it’s time to get your Halloween 2015 costume started. This year’s hottest costumes will sell out quickly so you better start shopping early if you want to get the best costumes. Some of the most popular costumes for 2015 are classics that are always popular but others may surprise you. Here’s a look at the Halloween costumes that will be the most popular in 2015:

Superhero Costumes

For kids and adults superhero costumes are going to be more popular than ever this year. The increase in TV shows and movies featuring superheroes means that more people than ever will be dressing up as a favorite superhero for Halloween. Classic heroes like Batman and Superman will be still popular but you will also see some newer superheroes in the ranks. Fantastic Four costumes as well as Star Wars costumes will be in high demand for kids and adults. Female superhero costumes like Wonder Woman will also be more popular this year. Even though she isn’t technically a superhero Agent Carter costumes are going to be popular thanks to the TV show that is getting rave reviews from critics and audiences.

Walking Dead Costumes

The Walking Dead continues to dominate TV ratings. The show’s prequel, which will air sometime in 2015, has also gotten a lot of attention. So costumes of some of the most loved characters from The Walking Dead like Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Carol will be very popular. Beth will also be a popular costume inspiration this year because of her untimely death. And zombies or walkers are always great for Halloween costume inspiration. Whether you choose to go with a classic zombie look that would fit right in on a B movie set or go high tech using fancy makeup and appliances to make your costume look like it belongs on the set of The Walking Deadwonder woman you can’t wrong with a zombie costume for Halloween.

Fantasy Costumes

Fantasy TV shows and movies, especially historical fantasy, are having a moment. Shows like Reign and Game of Thrones along with movies like The Hobbit have inspired some people to create stunning Halloween costumes that use historical clothing styles as a base for some epic fantasy looks. Using wings, wigs, jewelry and more it’s easier than ever to bring to life a character from your favorite fantasy book, TV show, movie or even video game. When you are creating a fantasy costume it’s a smart idea to do a little planning so that you can be sure to buy all the different pieces that you’re going to need to complete the costume.

Circus Freak Costumes and Clown Costumes

rick grimesAmerican Horror Story: Freakshow was one of the most popular TV series of the year and the show is inspiring some pretty amazing Halloween costumes this year. The freaks from Elsa’s circus can inspire some pretty amazing vintage style sideshow freak costumes. Elsa herself is a fantastic basis for a costume. But for those who want to wear a scary costume Twisty the Clown will be the costume to have this year. The terrifying clown was the breakaway star of the season even though he wasn’t seen that often. Despite having limited screen time Twisty now occupies a place of honor among the scariest clowns in history and you can bet there will be a lot of Twisty’s roaming about on Halloween night.

Princess Costumes

Princesses are back in a big way, for both adults and kids. Princess parties are getting more popular every year and several live action versions of popular princess tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White have fired up the imagination of both girls and women who have always wanted to be princesses. Princess costumes are usually popular at Halloween but this year Disney princesses will be selling fast. You can always build your costume from historical clothing and princess accessories like tiaras and lots of glitter if you want your costume to be unique. Make sure that you get your costume pieces early if you need a popular size because they sell out quickly. Plus size costumes sell out every year so if you are ordering a plus size costume you should order no later than two months before Halloween.



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