Halloween is one of the few holidays when it’s probably more fun to be an adult than a kid. That may be why so many adults love Halloween and love to go all out for adult-partyHalloween. Throwing an amazing Halloween party for adults can be tough because a party can quickly cross the line from cool to hokey with just a couple missteps. If your party ends up being boring or too predictable people won’t have fun and next year you might find that no one wants to come to your Halloween party. To make sure that doesn’t happen you need to throw the best adult Halloween party that your friends and family have been to in a long time. Here are some tips and inspirations to help you throw an unforgettable Halloween party for adults:

Choose a theme that fits your space: Don’t even think about not having a theme. You need to have a theme that will inspire everything from the decorations to the costumes and the food and party favors. Make sure you choose a theme that will fit into the space you have. If you work with the space you have and adapt your theme accordingly you could end up with an amazing party. For example, if your home is isolated and you don’t have to worry about annoying neighbors with music have some local metal or punk or rock bands comes to play on Halloween night. You can hold a costume contest on a catwalk like the catwalks used in fashion shows and encourage people to dress up in rock, goth, punk and other style costumes. Or, if you have a small home use that to your advantage and choose an Alice in Wonderland theme where you can make some rooms appear tiny and others appear larger by using props and boxes. If you live in an old Victorian home create an adult haunted house that uses the features of the house. Let the space inspire your theme.

Create some signature cocktails and serve them appropriately: Cocktails are a must have at an adult Halloween party. To give your party more pizzazz create your own signature cocktails that fit into the theme for the party. Then serve them in specialty glasses that show off the color of the concoction. If you are serving punch you can hollow out a pumpkin and set a punch bowl inside of it to serve punch from. Liquid nitrogen is a great way to flash chill drinks or make frozen drinks because of the vapor it lets off. Or just use dry ice to create some wisps of smoke around the bar.

Use animatronics: Animatronic props can be too scary for kids but they are just right for adults. Add some creepy animatronic props to your party décor to scare your guests. There are hundreds of ways that you can use animatronics to scare people at a party. An animatronic that responds to motion set near the food table or set near the bathroom will scare anyone who walks by. A walking animatronic can be set to crawl through the house during the party to randomly surprise and scare guests. All of your guests will jump if they see a demon doll or a reanimated baby crawling across the floor towards them, especially if it’s during a scary movie.

Create a screening area: Even if you are going to have music or other entertainment you should create a cozy screening area with a fabulous TV and sound system for the party. Rent one if you don’t have one already. Use cushions on the floor and risers made from pallets or other temporary seating to make sure that everyone can sit or lie down and watch DVDs. Hang heavy velvet curtains around the room and put room darkening curtains on the windows and around the door. Even though it will already be dark outside the room darkening curtains will make it absolutely pitch black inside. You can put small blacklights or reflective tape along the floor to show people the way out. After your guests have partied for awhile they will appreciate being able to sit or lie down and watch scary movies surrounded by friends. And if anyone has been drinking too much the screening area is a great place to have them spend the night so that they are not driving after drinking.

Drink responsibly.  Never allow anybody to drink and drive.


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