photosRing in the New Year and party like it’s 1999, or 1899 or 2099 with fun costumes that give a fresh spin to New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve parties have been the same for decades. This year give your party a makeover and make it more fun with costumes. Choose a fun theme and get ready to start the New Year off on a happy and positive note celebrating with all of your friends and family. Instead of a boring formal New Year’s Eve party or yet another business casual meet and greet type party make sure everyone has a good time by adding costumes to the mix. A costume party for New Year’s Eve is a great way to end the winter holidays. Here are some good ways that you can convince people to dress up for party:

Send Great Invitations
Skip the online invitations this year and send real party invitations, the kind you used to send when you were little. Make sure the theme of the party is clear and let everyone know that it’s a costume party in big letters. Announce a costume contest and give people some costume suggestions or list some websites where they can find great costumes. You can make the invitations yourself or order some special ones. Just make sure they are colorful, fun, and give all the important information about the party. If you are making your own invitations add a photo of yourself in costume to inspire your friends and family to dress up.

Have a Pre-Party Party
A great way to get people excited about wearing costumes to a New Year’s Eve party is to host a pre-party party. The week before the party or even the day before the party have an informal gathering where people can come to work on their costumes. You can set up a craft area and set out some craft supplies to help people make their own cool costumes. Have everyone bring at least one item of clothing and do a clothing and costume swap so that people can find new items to make their costumes from. Order some blank masks in different colors and styles and let people decorate their masks with animal fur, sequins, beads, paper and other craft items. You can also have people bring wigs, jewelry, gloves, hair color and other accessories that they have around the house. People will be more creative and have more fun creating costumes if they do it in a group. You’ll be amazed at the fun and new-yearsunique costumes people can make.

Post Photos
Let people know you’re going to be posting photos of the party and the costumes on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When they know that the photos are going to be online people will make more of an effort to create cool costumes because the photos will be seen by lots of people. Let people know you will be happy to share the photos if they want to post them on their own social media sites. You can even set up a photobooth where people can take photos of themselves in costumes for the party to keep as a party favor.

Have a Contest
Nothing encourages people to participate in a costume party like a contest. The prize doesn’t have to be money or anything valuable, although it can be. A gift card or gift certificate is a nice prize. So is a special cake, or something that you have made yourself. But having a costume contest with prizes will really motivate people to put some effort into the costumes they put together for New Year’s Eve. Announce the costume contest on the invitations and on social media. Post some pictures of the prizes. The more you can motivate people to want to win the prizes the harder they will work on their costumes. When it’s time for your New Year’s Eve party you will find that your friends and family put a lot of planning and effort into the costumes they wear which will make the party a total success.


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