It’s no secret that the Star Wars prequel trilogy was a universal disappointment to fans. Jar Jar Binks was probably the worst conceived character in the entire Star Wars pantheon, but he wasn’t the only problem with that trilogy. Fans are a little skeptical that the new trilogy, starting with Episode VII, The Force Awakens will be any better. But this time they have to get the films right because the story is picking up the story of Luke, Leia and Han Solo and fans will riot if these films are not done well. The purchase of Star Wars by Disney and the involvement of J.J. Abrams as both director and co-writer of the first film bodes well for the film. Fans are already excited by the trailer for The Force Awakens which was recently released.

The Storyline for The Force Awakens
Obviously some time has passed since Return of the Jedi and the new story needed to account for the aging of the actors. All of the actors from the original have signed on for the new film, delighting fans with the chance to see their heroes again. In order to allow for the natural aging of the cast the new story will be set 30 years after the battle on Endor and the other events in Return of the Jedi. Fans will get to see what has happened to Han and Leia and Luke since the previous trilogy wrapped up and they are being called upon once again to enter the battle of Good vs Evil to save their world.

The studio has not confirmed any details about the story but rumors say that the story starts at the discovery of Luke’s sheared off hand and light saber by a young girl on Tattooine, which kicks into motion a new series of events related to the fight against the Empire. Fans are anxious to see if Leia married Han or if she decided to use her Jedi heritage to become a Jedi like Luke. All that is really known about the story is that Leia and Han will be searching for Luke, who has essentially disappeared.

Technology and Effects
There will be plenty of new technology used in the film to give the film a modern look and feel, but some of the original droids and technology based life forms will look the same in order to appease fans who want the film to still look and feel like the original. Fans are excited to see the upgrades to battle scenes and backgrounds that can be done using the technology that didn’t exist at the time the original trilogy was made. Even the iconic light saber has been given a modern upgrade to a three pronged saber that looks more like a sword than a saber. It has two small prongs set on either side of the main saber and looks even more deadly than the original light saber.

Fan Reaction
Fans are still waiting to learn more about the new film and the new trilogy but overall are excited to see Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy and the Millenium Falcon again. The writers would be wise to take a few notes from the failure of the prequel trilogy and make sure that the writing is worthy of the epic and timeless story that continues to delight millions of fans around the world. If they get it right it could be exactly the reboot that the story needs in order to start the franchise again and get fans excited about it again. If they get it wrong it will sink the franchise for good, since many fans were bitterly unhappy with the prequel trilogy and they were very vocal about their feelings. It looks like the studio executives understand the importance of The Force Awakens and they are doing everything they can to start the new trilogy out on a high note. So fans rejoice, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is in production and soon you can finally learn what happened after the Empire was defeated last time.



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