the-purgeEverybody loves Halloween and the truth is that there is no way you cannot love it. It is that time of the year when stories really materialize into reality, when horror movies are better than ever and when kids enjoy playing ghosts and heroes and trick or treating their neighbors. Halloween is amazing and it is worth all your attention indeed.

This season, masks inspired by the movie “The Purge” will be in demand for sure. As a popular movie, it has definitely gathered a lot of fans out there and you or your friends may be interested in actually trying to see how entering the characters’ skin will actually feel. 

What the Purge is About?

The Purge is a horror movie in which the action takes place in the year 2022. The United States of America is ruled by the so-called “New Founding Fathers” and it has reached incredibly low criminality rates. This is so due to what they call “The Purge” – a 12-hour period in the year when every single crime is allowed, including murder and rape. The official reasoning behind this night is that the officials offer people with a way to satisfy their craving for violence and to use all the bad energy they have in them. However, in reality, this is just a means of population control and most frequently the very first target of those who take part in this are homeless people.

The story revolves around the Sandin family and how they end up spending the night. James, the head of the family, allows Dwayne, a homeless man and a target of those participating in the Purge, to enter the house. However, in an unfortunate series of events, James ends up killing his daughter’s boyfriend and getting himself hurt, while Dwayne runs and hides in some other place of the house. Those who are after Dwayne contact James and tell him to get Dwayne to them because he is a target of the nigh and that if the family refuses to do so, they will kill them all. Initially, James considers giving Dwayne, but in the end he gives up on the idea completely. However, he is eventually killed and the Sandin family is saved by their neighbors who kill those participating in the Purge. However, the neighbors all want to kill the family as well, being jealous of their fortune. In the end, Mary, the mother of the family, stops everyone from committing any other murder.

Why Purge Masks?

With the rise in popularity of this movie, people are expected to want to get Purge masks for the following Halloween. And the truth is that the movie seems to be thethe-purge-man perfect kind of movie for such a “spooky” night. If you are considering buying such masks as well, then do take into consideration the following:

  • This is not a movie appropriate for children, that is for sure. You should try to keep them away from it.
  • If you dress up as a Purge practitioner, then do make sure that you get an authentic mask. Otherwise, you may look silly.
  • Also, do make sure that the people at your Halloween party (or they party you are attending) are familiar with the movie because otherwise it will be odd to explain them what the movie is really about (and the mask will lose its appeal)
  • Only wear the mask if you really like the movie and the idea behind it because this is very important
  • If you and your loved one like getting in “teams”, then do remember to buy a mask for both of you and to match them somehow

The Purge can definitely be an interesting (and terrifying) movie to watch and if you want to make sure that you enjoy wearing the masks, you should be very much familiar with the movie itself. That means that you may have to watch it again because you don’t want to get “caught” not knowing the background of your Halloween costume.



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