pharrellwPharrell Williiam’s Hat expected to be popular this Halloween

2014 is only halfway through, but for the show business industry, it has truly been a very, very crowded year. There were so many things that happened this year that December will definitely flood you with retrospectives that will make you laugh, that will make you cry and that will make you feel nostalgic.

For starters, some of the most expected movies were released. “The Amazing Spider Man 2”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Transformers 4”, “Maleficent”, “Frozen”- these are just some of the movies that came out this year and that conquered everyone’s hearts (regardless of whether they were fans of the series or if they had just discovered a new movie). Every single one of these movies was thoroughly expected and every single one managed to meet up to the expectations as well. Mind-blowing, interesting, postmodern and cute – these are just some of the adjectives that could be used to characterize the wave of movies that entered our hearts in 2014.

Also, it was a full year for the music industry as well. Starting with the MTV VMA Awards, things developed in surprising and unexpected ways. Miley Cyrus turned up dressed in skimpy clothes and twerking her body around, for example. Considering the fact that everyone used to see her as the nice and cute Hannah Montana, the show she threw at the VMA Awards was truly shocking for most of the people out there.

And then, there was Pharell’s hat. His turn up at the VMA Music Awards with that huge hat (that seemed to actually overshadow the fact that he had a face as well) was considered to be one of the funniest and most fashion-debatable moments of the years. In fact, things went far beyond the usual “hit or miss”, “fashion police” and “good fashion choices/ bad fashion choices”. Pharell’s hat gained an identity of its own. Of course, he did manage to get everyone’s attention with “Happy”, but his hat will remain in the history of music awards for ever and ever as one of the oddest things that ever “happened” on stage.

A brown, big hat. Until Pharell showed up with that hat, a big, brown and odd hat would not have stirred so much interest. But when a celebrity chooses that kind of “fashion statement” it is almost impossible not to burst out laughing. His hat became so popular that he even chose to wear it long after the awards were over and even when he made other public apparitions as well.

Love it or not, Pharell’s hat is there, with its own individuality, with a lot of sense of humor and with a really odd aura around it. If you loved it (or if you are just still laughing at it), then you may love to wear it for Halloween.

Nobody will even ask what you came dressed at because everybody will associate the hat with the famous star. You don’t even have to wear anything else to remind people of him. You don’t have to sing “Happy” and you don’t have to have any other resemblance with the artist. You just need the hat.

Pharell William’s hat is expected to be popular this Halloween, so do make sure you grab yours before everyone else will not. If you are someone with a sense of humor, you will understand that such a fashion statement can definitely say a lot about you.

Of course, Halloween does seem to be very far away, but in truth there are less than 5 months until everyone will dress up and party again. If you want to make sure that your fun costume will be appreciated and if you want to make sure that you will actually get one, you should start looking for a Pharell hat as soon as possible. When you find it, stick to it because it will definitely attract people’s attention on you at the following Halloween party and it will definitely make for a very good round of jokes.

Pharell may or may not have been aware of his hat when he showed it to the world. But you will definitely be aware of the fun moments that will be associated with your costume if you wear it!


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