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Chucky & Jason in Radio Shack commercial

Check out Jason and Chucky in the new Radio Shack commercial - WICKED! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUwwZHdx6SU And one with Jason: http://youtu.be/fy6Ws7BqwQs

Zombie Bowl

Get Ready for the Return of The Walking Dead with the Zombie Bowl Fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting anxiously for the second half of Season 4. But before fans can find out what happened to their favorite characters after the final battle with The Governor just before the mid-season break there is The Zombie Bowl. AMC’s Zombie...

DIY Halloween

We buy a lot of our Halloween decorations and costumes.  I always will.  But sometimes it is really easy an cheap to make your own. Christmas is still the most decorated holiday of the year but Halloween decorations are gaining on Christmas decorations every year. Inspired by the over the top musical and light extravaganzas that used to be only...

Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead set the standard for zombie films and has influenced every zombie show or movie that came after in some way. But because of a last minute title change in the original film the film was not protected by copyright and is in the public domain. That is one of the reasons why...

Horror Video Games

Horror theme video games are becoming more and more popular. The top horror video games are all zombie games based on The Walking Dead graphic novels and the TV show but there are more than just zombie video games in the horror game genre. Horror video games may never replace military style games as the most popular types of...

2014 Is Going To Be Great For Horror Fans

Horror fans will have their choice of great content in 2014. From TV shows to movies to games and more horror, science fiction and fantasy media has taken off in a big way. The unbelievable success of shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story have proven to even the most skeptical network executives that horror fans are out...

Netflix For Horror Fans

  Horror fans who can’t find the kind of streaming content they want to watch should try Netflix. Netflix is great for horror fans. Lots of classic horror films, independent horror films, and new horror series can be found on Netflix. Netflix also has a nice selection of horror TV shows like Dexter, American Horror Story, and many true crime...

American Horror Story Continues the Trend of Dark TV

Horror shows have become the hottest trend on TV. Shows like The Walking Dead, Dexter, True Blood and American Horror Story have taken horror from a fringe genre to the mainstream. And the audiences can’t get enough of these dark shows. American Horror Story was the highest rated new show on cable in 2011. The Walking Dead continues to...

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Changes the Show Forever

The Walking Dead mid-season finale Too Far Gone is a game changer. (SPOILER ALERT)The original group of survivors has been battered from every direction so far this season. The group has faced conflict within the group, an epidemic that caused the deaths of a huge number of the group, and the banishment of Carol. Now Hershel has been murdered, the...

Halloween 2013 Is Over

The Halloween season is over!  WOW!  What a great season it was.   There was a lot going on with the best props and costumes ever. We are preparing things behind the scenes to make enhancements to Halloween News as we are already counting down to Halloween 2014!  Stay tuned.