The CD consists of 24 tracks with the true Halloween enthusiast in mind. Perfect for the twisted backdrop to a commercial Haunted House event, or simply to ensure Trick-or-Treaters will remember a house for life.

These tracks are the culmination of direct feedback from a select group of both end-user “yard haunters” and commercial Haunts using our previous release “It’s Under the Stairs”. Because of it’s very limited distribution, some key tracks from that release are featured on TEEMING. The 1st track “Serious Young Demon” merges traditional horror string music, with a backdrop of psychotic sounds, random dramatic violin hits, and hellish reversed demons.

Departed Studios’ chief sound designer’s experience in production and soundscape ranges from work in Network TV and Cable programs to custom sound design for many top (Grammy winning) recording artists in the music industry. Recorded and mastered with both digital and vintage analog gear, TEEMING features wide psycho-acoustic stereo imaging and deep rich bass.

TEEMING is available at, and is distributed among many fine Halloween retailers on and offline.

For more information and audio demos, visit Departed Studios at


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