It was just recently that Sony announced plans to move forward with a Ghostbusters reboot featuring an all-female cast. Directed by Paul Feig the reboot will feature veteran funny ladies Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, who worked with Feig before the comedy hit Bridesmaids. It will also feature Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon from Saturday Night Live. That reboot is slated to started production in June and fans of the original Ghostbusters were excited to hear about the new female cast that would be featured in the reboot. The all-female cast was originally put into place to give the franchise a new look and new life, but is the all-female cast going to be a one-off thing?

Sony announced that they are already jumping headfirst into the Ghostbusters world.  They are pushing for a full reboot of the entire Ghostbusters franchise and fans are not just going to get one movie, they will get two or more. Sony Pictures is taking the unusual step of rebooting one of their most beloved franchises and launching an entirely new series of films from it. There are a lot of reboots of TV and movies coming down the line and clearly Sony is taking this opportunity to cash in the popularity of reboots. Fans are excited to see that the studio is once again taking an interest in the relatively unexplored world of the Ghostbusters, but a little hesitant at all the huge changes that the studio is making in the beloved story of the Ghostbusters.


Sony has created an entirely new production company just to produce Ghostbusters films called Ghostcorps. Ghostcorps is being headed by some of the original Ghostbusters, Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, who will be overseeing all of the films set in the Ghostbusters universe. For the next film in the Ghostbusters reboot franchise the Russo brothers, who are most well-known for writing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will be writing the script and Hollywood power house Channing Tatum and his partners will be producing. Channing Tatum is also slated to play one of the Ghostbusters, which will add some Hollywood star power to the film.

What Does This Mean for Fans?

Fans who were rejoicing about the new Ghostbusters female film were a little perplexed by the announcement of another Ghostbusters film so soon after the announcement about the female reboot. After all, fans have been waiting for more than a decade for a new Ghostbusters film and now there two new films in the works and the possibility for many more. That should be good news. It’s only good news if the studio can keep the integrity of the franchise intact. If they make too many changes or change direction too fast fans may decide that the Ghostbusters franchise was better off before it was rebooted for modern audiences. But ultimately for the fans this means that the Ghostbusters will be busting ghosts and taking names for many years to come.

Reboots Everywhere

Considering how many classic horror and science fiction movies are being given reboots it’s not a surprise that Sony wants to reboot the franchise now. Modern technology and special effects technology will make it a lot easier and cost effective for the studio to create the kind of effects that films involving ghosts will need to be successful. Even though the laughable effects in the original film are part of the film’s appeal for the modern films it’s a pretty sure thing that the studio will want to amp up the effects a little.

Girls Vs Boys

The only thing that could cause conflict is launching an all-male cast film directly after the all-female cast film. Inevitably the films will get compared and the second film could end up stealing some of the thunder from the first film, which would be a shame. The first Ghostbusters film in decades should be celebrated, as should the arrival of a classic comedy film featuring an all-female cast which doesn’t happen too often in Hollywood. Hopefully the second film will use the reboot, which goes into production very soon, as a launching pad to create an entirely new Ghostbusters franchise that will keep fans laughing and ghostbusting for years to come.


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