Midnight Countess Prop By Gemmy (Exclusive to Spirit Halloween )
To be released soon.

H” x L” x D” – 66.93 x 24.02 x 18.9 ” 6 Foot Tall

  • Her Eyes Light Up
  • Mouth Moves
  • Head Turns side to side
  • Candelabra flickers as well as lights up the Countess’ face with an eerie blue light.

She Talks
6 sayings:
1. A bit closer please…you are looking deliciously pale tonight haha.
2 Yessss I’m the Girl your mother warned you about haha.
3. Ahhh so good of you to still have a….a heartbeat haha
4. Welcome to our place it is simply electrifying (zapping noise)
5. OOO a full moon… Let’s go out for a quick bite hahah (howl).
6. Yes the party’s here. I see you’ve put on a new mask haha
(Sound Chip- Approx 60 seconds)


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