Lifesize Hellraiser Pinhead Animatronic

(Now accepting pre-orders!)

 What’s your pleasure, sir? Please yourself and scare everyone else with this highly detailed Clive Barker Hellraiser Pinhead Animatronic. Demon to some, angel to others – direct from the Labyrinth, this Lifesize Hellraiser Pinhead Animatronic has light-up eyes, a head and mouth that move and he holds the illuminated Lament Configuration box. The over six-foot tall sound and motion activated figure speaks phrases and utters sounds from the movie to taunt and terrify.

* Officially licensed Hellraiser lifesize Pinhead animatronic decoration features classic appearance from movie and comes with realistic clothing and accessories
* Flashes his eyes, moves his head and holds light up Lament Configuration box
* Speaks numerous phrases from Hellraiser movie
* Push button or motion activated

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