Horror theme video games are becoming more and more popular. The top horror video games are twd-gameall zombie games based on The Walking Dead graphic novels and the TV show but there are more than just zombie video games in the horror game genre. Horror video games may never replace military style games as the most popular types of video games but they are carving quite a niche in the industry. Horror fans are embracing all different types of horror video games.

At the moment most of the highest rated games are zombie horror games but there are a lot of new horror video games coming that have nothing to do with zombies that fans are really excited about. Survival horror is incredibly popular right now, thanks in part to the surging interest in shows like The Walking Dead. So it’s not a big surprise that one of the games that experts say fans cannot wait to get their hands on is a survival horror game. It’s also not a surprise that a vampire game is high on the list of the most anticipated horror video games. Vampires were very popular in the late 90s and early 2000s but fell out of favor in the mid 2000’s. Shows like True Blood and books like the Twilight series brought vampires back into favor with horror fans.

Even though zombies are going to continue to remain popular horror fans will have some other types of games to choose from as well. Some of the best and most highly anticipated horror video games are:

World of Darkness – World of Darkness will be the first comprehensive vampire MMORPG. World of Darkness is still in development, but CCP games released some information and footage from the development in spring 2013. Fans went crazy after seeing the incredible production values on the released footage and are anxiously awaiting the game. CCP games merged with White Wolf in 2006 and took over the creation of the game, based on White Wolf’s original Vampire card game content. In the early 2000’s the Vampire series was one of the most popular card based games. It also spawned a LARP game that was played in clubs all over the country.

wodThe World of Darkness MMORPG is set in the Vampire: The Masquerade world and features the factions and clans that fans are already familiar with. The setting and locations in the game are based on modern day cities and locations but the graphics and look of the game are dark and have a graphic novel style edge to them. All players start out as humans and then can be Embraced and made into vampires. The game will focus primarily on strategy and social interaction, much like the card game. Even though the game has no release date yet fans are hoping that it will be out in the next year.

The Evil Within – Another highly anticipated game that is coming in 2014 is The Evil Within. Fans evilwithingot to see an extended 20 minute clip of gameplay in 2013 and instantly were hooked. The Evil Within is a horror game for consoles and PCs. It was created by the undisputed master of survival horror Japaense designer Shinji Mikami. Mikami’s work is known for the haunting and horrifying environments that he creates. Those environments are filled with characters out of nightmares that set off primal fear in anyone who encounters them

The game is about a police detective who, while investigating a crime, is attacked and wakes up in a world that looks like the modern world but that has vicious monsters in it. Initially the detective has no idea what is going on and he has to go on a long, terrifying journey that involves seeing his friends being tortured and murdered as well as facing his own mortality in order to get to the end.

Fans will get the chance to try out a lot of new and exciting horror video games over the next few years as studios scramble to produce the kind of terrifying and adrenaline surging games that fans want to play on consoles, smart phones and on computers.



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