Do you love the feeling that comes with getting scared out of your wits? Do you enjoy feeling your heart pump

moviesin excitement and terror every time you watch a horror movie? Do you love how alive horror movies make you feel? If so, then you are in luck because 2013 seems to have some great horror movies in store for you, including a remake of a popular classic horror movie that people still enjoy to this day. Here they are:

1. The Lords of Salem

Directed and written by Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem is set in modern Salem, where a local radio station receives a mysterious wooden box with a vinyl record in it. The box comes with a note that states it is a gift from the Lords. Assuming it is from a rock band trying to spread their music to the world, the DJs play the record.

However, the record starts to play itself backwards and the DJs get a flashback to a trauma from the past in return. When they play the record again later on, it plays normally and becomes a huge hit with the listeners. Soon after that, another box appears with free tickets, records and posters to host a Salem gig, where a coven of ancient witches pays the dear DJs a visit.

2. Darkchylde

Brace yourselves because John Carpenter, the Master of Horror, is back to direct a new horror movie called Darkchylde. Darkchylde is based on a comic book by Randy Queen and revolves around a good-hearted Southern teenager who is, unfortunately, cursed to live her recurring nightmares.

That’s right. Every night, Ariel Chylde sheds her skin and turns into a brand new creature from her nightmares. After acting out all of her darkest and deepest impulses, she then has to save her town from the dark forces that were originally her fault anyway.

This is definitely a movie that comic book lovers should look out for, but even those who aren’t into comic books will love the premise behind Darkchylde. After all, who would want to become their own nightmares and then fend them off themselves afterwards? Intriguing premise, huh?

3. Hellraiser

Hellraiser is based on the 1987 movie of the same name and the book by Clive Barker called The Hellbound Heart. In it, a man tries very hard to solve the Lament Configuration puzzle without realizing the consequences of the solution: the doorway to hell.

The good news is that his ex-lover finds a way to bring him back, while his niece tries to bargain with the half-angels and half-demons who enjoy bringing pain to people, in general. Fans of the original movie might not be as interested in watching this as those who have never heard of it before; but either way, it is sure to keep sending chills up people’s spines for years to come. So far, rumors say that the remake might be presented in 3D, but no final announcements have been made as of now.


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