In a Bad Economy Halloween is Even More Popular Than Before

It may seem like people would care less about Halloween when the economy is still recovering and so many people are struggling financially but the numbers say that Halloween is actually more popular than before. People are spending less on holidays like Christmas and spending more on Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that everyone can enjoy without the stresses of Christmas like having to spend a fortune on gifts and having to create beautiful holiday parties and decorate the house perfectly. Halloween is the perfect escape for people who want to be able to get a break from the problems and stresses of everyday life instead of having more stress to deal with. Dressing up in fun costumes and getting to live in a fantasy world for a time is a fabulous way to get a break from the constant dreariness of life. You can still enjoy Halloween even if you’re unemployed, or you are losing your house, or you had a really tough year. You can create fantastic costumes without spending a lot of money and have a fabulous time on Halloween night as long as you have a few friends to celebrate with you. Here are some fun ways to make Halloween special without spending a fortune:


Have an Iron Chef Halloween Edition Competition – Dress up as your favorite Iron Chef and have your friends do the same. Turn your kitchen into Kitchen Stadium and pick a Halloween theme ingredient like pumpkin then challenge your friends to create a dish using that ingredient. When everyone is finished you can all share in the dishes, judge the food, and have a delicious dinner.


Have a scary movie marathon – One of the most inexpensive and most fun ways to celebrate Halloween is to get all your friends together for a scary movie marathon. Encourage people to dress up as their favorite horror villain and have them all bring one horror movie with them. Watch the movies slumber party style on pillows and blankets spread on the floor with lots of great snacks. This is great for kids or for adults, but if the party is for kids make sure the movies aren’t so scary that the kids won’t be able to sleep afterward.


Have a Create Your Own Costume Trick or Treat party – gather all your friends, or your child’s friends, and set up stations for creating costumes. Stock the stations with accessories for costumes like hair color, makeup, jewelry, feather boas, vampire teeth, masks, glitter, glue, nail polish and so on. Let everyone create their costume from the materials on hand and then go out Trick or Treating. To cut down on the costs have guests bring items to share like old clothes, makeup and craft supplies. This is a great way to get kids excited about organized Trick or Treating, so if your town has an organized Trick or Treat event at a mall a Create Your Own Costume party before Trick or Treating will be a big hit.


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