This year try something new and turn your house or garage into a haunted insane asylum for Halloween. Old decaying asylums are terrifying to most people. And those fears are justified. More paranormal activity has been capture on tape and on film in old mental hospitals, asylums and workhouses than anywhere else. It is said that when people die violently or die after suffering their spirits can’t move on. The paranormal activity that goes on constantly at old insane asylums seems to prove that spirits who have suffered really do have a hard time moving on.

It’s well known that insane asylums and poor houses were havens for medical experimentation and other abuses that in many cases amounted to torture. Thousands of mentally ill and poor people were abused and died at insane asylums well up into the 1960s. Although most of the asylums have been shut down the building still remain. Many of them are decaying and are not used for any purpose because of the amount of paranormal activity that goes on. If you want to scare the life out of your friends and family this year setting up a haunted insane asylum in your home is a fun way to do that. There are a lot of great new Halloween props that you can create or buy to make your home a frightening old asylum for Halloween. In order to complete the transformation you will need:

A medical examination room – For many people this is the scariest room in a haunted asylum. Place a distressed medical procedure chair in the center of the room lit by only a single naked light bulb overhead. Make sure there are chains or restrains on the chair. If you can’t find a medical procedure chair you can rent or buy a vintage looking hair dresser’s chair to get the same effect. You can buy a new hair dresser’s chair for less than $100. You can also find sometimes good deals on yard sale sites or online. You should also have a metal table that has restraints on it in the room. Toss some fake blood on it. Make sure that you have a doctor’s surgical kit laid out on the table as well. Reproduction sets of vintage morticians tools are a fabulous addition to your medical experiment room. You can also put other props around the room like rats, bloody bandages, and more restraints. Old fashioned apothecary bottles filled with tonic water will glow green under black light and give the room an even creepier feel.

A padded room – The second scariest room in an asylum is the padded room. Cover any windows in the room and hang fabric all over the walls to create texture and muffle sounds. Make sure the room is empty except for restraints and a straight jacket. A nice effect is to add some fake blood to the walls and a few bloody handprints. Let your guests stay in there for a few minutes in total darkness and silence. They will be terrified.

We have learned that has also added a lot of new props that could be used for this theme.


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