Did you know that in 2011, Americans spent a record $6.9 billion on Halloween? That’s nearly a dollar per human on the planet! Factor in the over 43% of people that plan on dressing in costume in 2012, and a clear growth trend emerges.

With the numbers climbing each year for the Halloween industry, the power to raise the bar on community giving is stronger than ever before. That is why HalloweenCostumes.com started the 5-Minute Fun-Raiser on Aug. 15, 2012.

The Fun-Raiser gives people and organizations the power to create and share a customized HalloweenCostumes.com shopping link that will automatically donate 15% of purchase totals back to charity. With no cap on how much an organization can earn and no limit on the type of charity organization one may choose, the ‘spirit’ of giving ‘haunts’ Halloween in 2012 like never before.

Scaring Up the Funds

There is no trick to this treat.

If you’re among the nearly half of people donning Wolfmen, Dracula, Frankenstein or any other walk of Halloween costume this year, you could be wearing your costume for a cause.

The 5-Minute Fun-Raiser customized link can be posted anywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, printed materials or can be shared via email. Once the link is circulating, it’s as simple as watching the money grow. It’s spooky how fast your earnings will add up!

Now take that $6.9 billion and consider the 15% (or $1.035 billion) of that could have gone to charity and the fundraising power of Halloween becomes clearer.

Wear a costume, save the world – now who sounds like a superhero this Halloween? It could be you!

Learn more about the Fun-Raiser.

(Statistics as reported by the National Retail Federation)


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