stay-puftPeople have been fascinated with magical creatures and the supernatural for a very long time. If you look at the most popular stories of mankind, you will realize that most of them are based on fantasy creatures that live side by side with us, humans.

There are some TV shows and movies out there that have really brought out everyone’s fascination with these mythical creatures and characters. Supernatural (featuring Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who hunt these creatures), Grimm (featuring a descendent of the Grimm brothers and many fantasy characters) and Ghostbusters (featuring a team of people dealing particularly with ghost hunting) are among these TV Shows/movies

Ghostbusters is probably the oldest one out of all the 3 mentioned above. The first movie was released in 1984 and ever since then, it has managed to somehow make everyone out there be fascinated with it from multiple points of view. The initial story featured Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz and Dr. Egon Spengler who are all parapsychologists living in New York. The 3 of them decide to open a ghost hunting business, but they are met with skepticism at first. However, when they manage to solve the case of a hunted apartment building (a case related to the ancient god Gozer), they become much more popular. While the story was not initially thought this way (its creators wanted the characters to travel through time and space to kill the ghosts), it somehow managed to get a shape everyone is familiar with today. The 1984 movie was a real success and it grossed more than $500 million in the United States and around the world as well.

The second Ghostbusters movie was released in 1989 and, considering the success of the first part of the movie, it was awaited with much excitement by fans from all over the world. This part is set 5 years after the first part and it brings forward the images of the ghost busters who have gone bankrupt due to the fact that they were sued for the property damage they caused when they got rid of Gozer. Ray has a small occult bookstore and is an unpopular children’s entertainer, Peter appears on television as a pseudo psychic and Egon works in a university laboratory, studying human emotions. Even more, Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Dana, has a baby of her own and she has just gotten divorced with the baby’s father. The action starts the moment when Dana’s baby carriage is moved by an unseen force. Apparently, the spirit of Vigo the Carpathian needs a baby body in which he can come to life again and the old ghost buster team is called for help. Naturally, they succeed.

2014 seems to be a good year for the Ghostbusters fans from all over the world because the producers have announced that they will start shooting a 3rd part of the famous movie next ghostbusters-cyear. So, as soon as 2015 will approach, fans will get excited all over again and they will be eager to see what the new movie brings. The fun plot, the excellent characters and the mix between horror and humor typical to the Ghostbusters movies will take over the world once again!

Ghostbuster Costumes Are Expected to Be Really Popular This Year

Since the filming of a new Ghostbusters movie has been already announced, you can expect this year to bring back a lot of memories for those who watched the first 2 movies in the series. Therefore, you can expect a lot of people to go for costumes inspired by Ghostbusters this Halloween.

If you are a fan of the movies, then you will definitely love the idea of dressing up as one of the characters and, considering the announcement of a 3rd movie to come soon, you will attract everyone’s attention for sure. Even more, you can get very creative with Ghostbusters-inspired costumes and you can have your friends or your entire family dress up as the famous ghost hunting team in the movie. Also, you can inspire your costume by one of the villains in the movie and you will still be extremely popular!


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