confirmedwhoghostbustersDan Aykroyd confirms Ghostbusters 3 goes into pre-production in Spring 

Among all the movies with a supernatural theme out there, Ghostbusters definitely plays an important role. While the main theme may not be original (it was certainly not the very first ghost story put on the big screen out there), the characters, the plot and the production of the movies have gained it a huge fan “database” that is eagerly awaiting for a new movie to come out (even if it has been several years since the last one was released).

Ghostbusters – The Original Story

The first movie featured Aykroyd (one of the scriptwriters), Bill Murray and Harlod Ramis (the other one of the scriptwriters) as parapsychologists living in New York who want to start a business focused on catching ghosts. At first, everyone is naturally skeptical to the idea of such a business, but the boys soon gain the appreciation they deserve after they solve the mystery of a business building haunted by the god Gozer.

Ghostbusters II

The second movie came out 5 years later than its predecessor, in 1989 and it shows how much life has changed for those who once used to be the heroes of New York City. After having been sued for the property damage caused 5 years earlier, the ghost busters are out of business and they are forbidden to investigate the supernatural in any way. Egon conducts experiments in a university laboratory on human emotion, Ray owns a bookstore and acts as a very unpopular kids’ entertainer and Peter is the host of a “psychic” show. Peter’s ex-girlfriend now has a child by another man whom she married and divorced shortly after. When the baby’s carriage is the subject of unseen forces, the team reunites to solve the mystery – which they obviously do (and they re-gain people’s admiration and faith in the work they do).

Ghostbusters III Announcement

It has been no less than 25 years since that second Ghostbusters movie has come out and although there has been a lot of rumor around that a third movie would come out, until now nothing was actually certain. Whenever asked, David Aykroyd answers the same thing and says that “the next year” the shootings will start. And yet, here we are, half a century later on and we still haven’t seen anything official when it comes to the third Ghostbusters movie.

This year has been another hard one for Aykroyd’s plans, as he found out that Ivan Reitman refuses to actually direct the movie. Even more, there is a huge setback with the fact that the only ones willing or able to return to the new movie are Aykroyd and Hudson. Harold Ramis passed away and Bill Murray has refused the offer on multiple occasions as well, which would bring Ghostbusters with half of the original team to solve another mystery. Considering the fact that Bill Murray had not been very much into the idea of a second Ghostbusters either, it is quite unlikely that he actually returns to shoot another movie – and if he does, it would be likely that he will be even less “into it” than in the previous movie.

With everything going on though, Aykroyd is still optimistic. According to an NBC interview he recently gave, the movie should be in pre-production this spring, which is more than good news for the fans who have been waiting for another mystery to be solved by the famous team. While the team may not be complete, it may still make for a great movie with the right actors replacing what is missing.

Ghostbusters Costumes Will Be Popular This Halloween

Considering Aykroyd’s statement, it is very likely that people will be reminded just how great that first movie was and this will lead to a revival of the Ghostbusters phenomenon. Organizing a party around this theme could be an amazing idea and it could gain you a lot of attention. And even if you do not actually throw a Halloween party this year, you have plenty of options when it comes to Ghostbusters costumes. If you have friends who also liked the movie, you will definitely love the idea of dressing up as the original Ghostbusters team – and if you don’t, you can always be a lonely hero, or why not, a villain as well.


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