gotlogoIt is close to impossible not to have heard (at least!) about the great HBO TV show Game of Thrones. This fantasy-like show has caught millions of people around the world and every season is eagerly awaited by them. Every single episode makes you stick to your chair in awe and amazement and every single end of the season leaves you thirsty for more. Once you watch the first couple of episodes in this show, you are bound to get addicted to it.

got2Crimes, sex, love, hatred – you name it and you’ve got it all. Sometimes bloody, sometimes downright erotic and other times simply sweet, this show is meant for a lot of types of viewers and regardless of whether you like war-themed movies or fantasy movies, you will most likely love Game of Thrones.

The secret lies in perfect writing and in impeccable acting as well. The plots are always surprising and it is really difficult to predict what will happen next. The characters are extremely well built and they will win your heart (or your hatred) in an instant. Even more, you will end up loving some of them one second and then hating them the next because none of them are just “good” or just “bad”.

As for the acting, each and every actor in the show makes a great job at bringing to life its character. There is something extremely realistic about portraying a world that is mere fantasy and where dragons, walking dead people and witchcraft are daily thing all characters deal with.

In fewer words, Game of Thrones may just be one of the best shows ever made and the huge number of viewers every week proves it. The Internet is crazy about the show, the world itself is crazy about it as well. Therefore, it will be a great idea to dress up like one of your favorite Game of Thrones characters for the next Halloween party because everyone will definitely appreciate it.

It is no doubt that Game of Thrones Costumes will be popular this year.   Here are some ideas:got1

Ygritte -This red-head courageous character is the perfect combination between natural beauty, great wits and stunning courage as well. If you want to dress up like her, don’t forget about the gorgeous red hair and about the winter clothing that have made this character famous! Also, make sure to pose an attitude similar to hers and you will definitely get everyone’s praise at the party!

Kaleesi– This girl is by far one of the most spectacular and popular appearances in the show. It is really difficult not to be fascinated by her character because she evolves throughout the show in a way that is extremely surprising. At first, she is just a girl who is to be forced into marriage with the leader of a nomadic tribe. But after her husband’s death, she manages to gain strength and determination and she becomes one of the strongest female characters in the entire show. Spoiler alert: she will become a mother and not just any mother, but the mother of 3 little dragons!

Ned Stark – Although he didn’t appear for long in the show, he definitely left a great mark on everyone who has got to “know” him. Ned Stark is a brave and fair character and his tragic ending is the catalyst of an entire series of events that will leave your mouth open. If you want to pose as the great and fair man, as a man who puts correctitude over everything and as a man who has a really upright vertebral spine, you will love dressing up as Ned Stark.

Jaime Lannister – He may not be a loveable character, but he is interesting on his own. He is the brother of Cersei Lannister, the father of her son and a knight in his father’s family army. He is a good looking man with cunning and sneaky ways that can actually gain you a lot of attention at the next Halloween party.

Tyrion Lannister – This is by far one of the most intelligent people in the show and you will love him, even if his actions are not always for the benefit of everyone. Dressing up as Tyrion Lannister can definitely win you a great deal of appreciation from everyone who will be attending the party, so make sure you grab your costume as soon as possible!


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