game of thronesAre you ready to return to Westeros? Game of Thrones is coming back, finally. The season premiere of Game of Thrones, titled The Wars to Come, will air on HBO on April 12th. A lot of things have changed for the inhabitants of Westeros and fans will see new alliances, new lands, and old enemies plotting against each other again. Here’s what is coming when Game of Thrones returns:

New Way to Watch

One of the biggest changes is that fans will be able to watch Game of Thrones and other HBO shows and movies without waiting until the day after the show airs and without having a cable subscription. HBO announced the arrival of HBO Now recently. HBO Now is a streaming content service similar to Netflix that will have all current and past HBO shows and movie available for instant streaming. Fans will be able to watch Game of Thrones and other HBO shows in real time and on demand for $15 a month, no cable subscription necessary. The only catch is that HBO has partnered with Apple for this roll out and while the service will be available on other platforms in the future for now it’s only available on Apple products. So unless you have Apple TV, an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you’re out of luck.


Fans of the show already know that weddings are not usually happy occasions in Westeros. Rumors are that there will be three weddings in this season and they will be about as happy and joyous as the weddings from last season. One of the weddings will almost certainly be Tommen and Margaery. But the others? Well Ramsey Bolton will probably end up marrying a fake Arya Stark to consolidate the Bolton claim to the North but who will the fake Arya be? Could Sansa be stepping in to fill that role? Images from the newest Game of Thrones trailer show Sansa Stark in the Crypts at Winterfell, so she is returning there at some point although who knows in what capacity.

Tyrion and Dany Meet

Another photo released from the set shows Tyrion sitting in a place of honor on the dais at the wedding of Dany and a noble that she marries to help keep hold of her power as ruler. Does that mean that Dany and Tyrion will work together to bring down Cersei and put Dany on the throne at King’s Landing? Signs point to yes, but everyone knows how quickly alliances can fall apart in Westeros. It’s uncertain if Cersei and Jaimie will find Tyrion or if they know that Tyrion is the one who killed Tywin. We may see Tywin again in some flashbacks too. Photos from the set showed a young Cersei and Jaimie so there may be flashbacks to their childhood featuring Tywin.

Arya Goes Into Training

New photos of Arya show her in a new outfit and with a new androgynous look that indicates that she will indeed start training to become a Faceless Man and an assassin. In the coming seasons Arya is going to become a force to be reckoned with and if she is ever reunited with Sansa it will be interesting to see what revenge the pair would bring down on the Lannisters and the others who have caused so much heartache for the family. It’s been speculated that Arya or even Sansa will step into the role that Lady Stoneheart played in the books since it’s been confirmed that Lady Stoneheart will not be appearing in the show.

Jon Snow Faces Tough Decisions

Jon Snow’s loyalty is now terribly divided and he’s going to have to make some tough choices. There may be a bigger role in his future than the one he has planned if the fan theory that the fire and ice in the title of the first book “A Song of Fire and Ice” is Dany and Jon is correct.

No One Knows How it Ends

Except George R.R. Martin that is. The books are not finished and he won’t be finished writing them for at least another year. The series is slated to end after Season 7 but right now that is up in the air because Martin hasn’t written the final books yet and no one knows how the story ends.


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