frozen-costumeThere are signs that costumes from the movie “Frozen” will be in big demand this year.  We have noticed many posts around the net like “I want to be Elsa from Frozen”. The Disney company tends to capitalize on this, and this year is looking to be no different than any other. In late November of 2013, Disney premiered its new movie, Frozen, which surpassed all expectations.

Just to highlight some of its major accomplishments, Frozen has become the highest grossing animated film of all time ($1.2 billion in world wide box office revenue, $400 million in the United States and Canada) and the sixth highest grossing film of all time. The film and its soundtrack also won numerous awards. As of May of 2014, the soundtrack has even sold over 2.6 million copies and managed to stay at the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart for thirteen consecutive weeks, debuting at number 18. The feature song “Let It Go” also had its chance at a number one spot, and also brought in several awards from adoring fans.

It goes without saying that this film was popular. It is an adorable Disney film that all ages and genders enjoyed equally. The possibilities of Halloween costumes that Frozen will provide this year are endless. With a variety of characters and costumes to choose from, for both genders, Frozen will be a hit.

Potential Costumes

The animation and graphics of the film included some beautiful outfits, even though they were only cartoon drawings. With the massive frozen-moviepopularity of the film over the winter, young boys and girls alike are striving to be one of the characters this Halloween. The following is a list of the characters that are sure to be popular in the costume department this fall season:

• Anna (Princess of Arendelle)- dress that features a black top with a green floral design, blue bottom, and pink sweater

• Elsa (Snow Queen of Arendelle)- tight fitting blue, sparkly dress with light turquoise mesh sleeves and collar piece

• Kristoff (iceman)- leggings and tunic

• Olaf (snowman)

• Hans (prince)- tight, dark pants, boots, and a white jacket

Other costumes may include the Queen and King of Arendelle and more.

Most of these costumes will be designed for girls, as most Disney costumes typically are. More than likely, little girls will want to dress up as Elsa, since her costume is much more vibrant and sparkly. Young girls who are still going through that Disney phase tend to latch onto features like that. However, this is not to say that the Anna costumes will not be popular. The sisters are sure to be seen everywhere this Halloween, as the little ones will be looking forward to portraying their new favorite Disney princesses.

Furthermore, again, Frozen was just as popular with the boys as it was with the girls. While this is not necessarily a rare occurrence with Disney films, it is slightly unusual since girls tend to drift more toward Disney movies than boys do. Of all of the boy costumes, Olaf is the most likely candidate for number one male Frozen costume this year. He is adorable and easy to pull off.

Frozen costumes are expected to be so popular this year. Not only was the film, itself, a massive hit, but consumers will be getting their first time chances with the costumes this fall.

No matter how they go about getting the costumes, though, the kiddies are sure to be all decked out in



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