gbcastIt’s finally official! The reboot of Ghostbusters with an all-female cast is moving forward and it’s going to be hilarious. Taking on the challenge of becoming Ghostbusters are some seriously funny ladies: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. Jones and McKinnon have proved their comedy cred on Saturday Night Live and they will have no trouble living up to their SNL alum Kristen Wiig’s lead. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig starred together in the comedy hit Bridesmaids which was directed by Paul Feig, who is also directing the Ghostbusters reboot. Also on board is writer Kate Dippold, who will join Feig in writing the script. Dippold has worked with Melissa McCarthy before. She wrote the script for The Heat in which McCarthy starred with Sandra Bullock. She just recently wrote a sequel to that film and has also worked on Parks and Recreation and Mad TV.

Paying Homage
The new Ghostbusters will be a reboot but not exactly a retelling. One of the reasons why the third Ghostbusters film has taken so long to become a reality is that it’s very difficult to take on a reboot of such an iconic film. The reboot has been plagued with problems for years that kept it from moving forward. But changing the story and introducing a female cast proved to be just what the film needed to move forward. With Feig at the helm and a cast of truly talented and hilarious women the film will be able to strike the right balance of telling a new story and paying homage to the original film.

No Comparison
Using a female cast is also a smart way to avoid having to deal with comparisons between the original film and the reboot. If the new film had done anything more than reference the original it would have ended up being compared to the original. And when a film as beloved as Ghostbusters is the source material the reboot wouldn’t stand a chance in the minds of critics or audiences. Audiences may have loved the new film but still would have had a little disappoint that the film wasn’t exactly like the original. Nostalgia can be a powerful force, so invoking a little nostalgia but telling a new story with a new cast was a smart decision. Now these women can be judged on the merits of their performances without being compared too much to the original cast.

Fan Reactions
So far most of the reactions to the casting for the all-female Ghostbusters film have been mixed. Many fans agree that Feig is the right director to take on the challenge of reinterpreting this classic film. Feig also has worked with the two main stars, Wiig and McCarthy, before and they also have worked with each other before and have a proven comedic chemistry. When the idea of a female cast was first put out there Kristen Wiig was one of the first names thrown into the ring to play one of the Ghostbusters, and Melissa McCarthy was the second. Bridesmaids breathed new life into the idea that women could be really funny in films, and the Ghostbusters reboot should be as icon for female comedian as the original was.

Filming and Release Date
The stars are currently still negotiating their contracts so filming hasn’t yet started on the new Ghostbusters film. However, director Paul Feig has mentioned that he wants to have the film ready for a summer of 2016 release date. That indicates that the script is coming along or may even be finished and he is planning on starting filming as soon as the stars have been locked into their contracts. It’s been a long wait for fans of Ghostbusters who have been waiting decades for this third Ghostbusters movie. But it’s been worth the wait to have the perfect director, writer, and cast members all brought together to make what should be one of the funniest movies of the last few years. Take heart Ghostbusters fans, you should only have to wait another year or so to finally see the third Ghostbusters film brought to the screen.


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