We buy a lot of our Halloween decorations and costumes.  I always will.  But sometimes it is really easy an cheap to make your own.

Christmas is still the most decorated holiday of the year but Halloween decorations are gaining on Christmas decorations every year. Inspired by the over the top musical and light extravaganzas that used to be only for Christmas passionate fans of Halloween are creating similar light and music shows for Halloween in neighborhoods all over the country. Why is it becoming trendy to go all out decorating for Halloween?diy


Social theorists and pop culture pundits point to several factors that are contributing to the rise in extreme Halloween decorations including:

Cost – Before the use of relatively inexpensive LED lights it would have cost a fortune to mount a giant light show for any holiday. Decorating for Halloween was also difficult because many of the lights that were produced were only available in Christmas colors. The cost of the electricity required to run holiday light shows combined with the cost of making sure that the home had wiring that could withstand that much use was prohibitive for almost every home owner. But brightly colored LED lights that can be run using very little electricity have made it easy for DIY artists to create their own unique holiday visions. Halloween is the perfect holiday for these closeted artists to let their imaginations run and create a spooky but colorful world for one evening. The cost of mounting an extreme Halloween light show is now about 1/3 of what it would have cost to do a similar show 20 years ago thanks to all the advances in technology.

Availability – In the past it wasn’t easy for home owners to get their hands on professional quality lighting and sound effects gear. These days many of the elements that make concerts so much fun like synchronized light and music shows are easy for anyone to do thanks to computer software and wireless Internet. Wireless sensors can connect dozens of strings of lights and get them to light up in a pattern or in a synchronized show. It still takes hours to program all of the lights to perform together, but getting the equipment and the software is easy for the average homeowner which makes it possible for almost anyone to mount a spectacular Halloween light and music show. A homeowner can set up a fantastic light show choreographed to one song or more than one song and control it from a tablet, a laptop, or even a cell phone.

Competition – It used to be that home owners would have good natured competitions to see who could decorate their yards the best for Christmas. But there’s only about a month to work on decorating a yard for Christmas while they can spend months building fantastic Halloween displays. And once those displays are built from the ground up and synchronized the shows that these DIY artists create will go up on YouTube, on Facebook, on Tumblr and other social media sites for the world to see. Bragging rights and having the most hits is a point of pride for the people who create over the top Halloween displays each year.


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