The sound design team at Departed Studios is proud to announce the release of a new sound effects library. Dark Environments consists of 79 minutes of atmospheric sound beds, categorized in 25 tracks.

Featured atmospheres include a Mad Scientist’s Lab, Insect Infestation, A Roaring Beast/Monster, A Caged Freak, an aural peek into a Cannibal’s Kitchen whilst he butchers a body, and many more. Also included are multiple depictions of Hell. From the Human transformation perspective in the tracks “Descension” and “Swallowed Souls”, to the eerily regretful “Desolate”, and the sound of Hell’s burning lake of fire complete with tormented souls in distant caves in the track simply entitled “Hell”.

Some of the highest quality isolated ghost tracks available are featured on Dark Environments in both male and female versions. “We designed Dark Environments with the more serious haunter in mind, focusing on tracks useful for props and specific scenes, and keeping it overall less musical than our previous release TEEMING.”
Many of the tracks on Dark Environments were created based on direct feedback from the haunting community.
Dark Environments is available for the 2009 Halloween season as an MP3 format download only, for just $7.95, and will be available on CD in 2010.

Visit for more info, demo tracks and to purchase downloads of Dark Environments.


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