Beetlejuice is Back in a Sequel to the Original Cult Classic!

bj2There has been speculation for a long time about a Beetlejuice sequel and now it looks like it’s actually going to become a reality. In early February Michael Keaton, who starred as Beetlejuice in the original film, confirmed that he and director Tim Burton have been in email discussions about a sequel. Beetlejuice 2 looks like it is really going to happen and the fans couldn’t be happier about it. Winona Ryder has also confirmed that she has been involved in talks about reprising her role as Lydia Deetz. Beetlejuice 2 will focus on Lydia, and tell the story of what happens to Lydia after she escapes being the bride of Beetlejuice. No word has been released yet about whether or not the Maitlands will be part of the story of the sequel.

In the original film the Maitlands are the focus of the story. Barbara and Adam Maitland are a very nice young couple who are quiet and kind. They are killed in a car accident and they wake from the accident to find themselves in the attic of their home. They seem to be trapped there, because every time they try to leave the house they encounter monsters like the sand worm or other deterrents to leaving the home. They eventually contact their caseworker in the afterlife, who is supposed to help them adjust to their new life as ghosts. They see an ad on TV in the afterlife office waiting room for Beetlejuice, who is a bio exorcist and will get rid of any humans that are in your home. The Maitlands don’t really think anything of it at the time.

But eventually a new family buys and moves into their home. They are still living in the attic. The new family is full of stranger people, including Lydia. Lydia is a sweet teenager who dyes her hair black, wears a lot of black eyeliner, and wears black petticoats under her school uniform skirt. She is obsessed with ghosts and death. She is the only one who can see the Maitlands, who try to scare the family out of the home. She is not scared of them. Desperate to get the loud, crass, unpleasant family out of their house before they totally destroy it they call on Beetlejuice, the demon that advertised his services as a bio exorcist on TV.

Beetlejuice is more funny than scary, but he does a pretty good job scaring the people in the house. Unfortunately they are so interested in what is haunting their home they hold a séance to try and summon him. He interrupts the séance and wreaks havoc, even kidnapping Lydia so that he can marry her. The Maitlands fight him and eventually are able to send him back to the place he was imprisoned in the beginning of the film by saying his name three times.

Beetlejuice is a cult classic among goths, horror fans, and even 80s buffs. The film is very recognizable as a Tim Burton film. The characters are compelling but kooky. Even the humorous dialogue and funny gags have a darker side that shows through. And the casting is perfect.  80s films of all kinds are getting redone right now as 80s nostalgia begins to hit in earnest, but until now there hasn’t been much talk about a sequel to Beetlejuice. Until Michael Keaton mentioned that Tim Burton is definitely on board for a sequel. With Burton directing Beetlejuice 2 many of the original stars should return, which will make for a very fun and classic Burton reunion.

Fans are also anxious to see what happened to Lydia. It will be interesting to see her as the main character in the sequel and to see how she has dealt with the ghostly presences of the Maitlands in her life. At the end of the first film Lydia had become fast friends with the Maitlands, who helped her with her homework. She even brought Adam pieces for the large diorama of the city he was working on. Even though she is now grown up Lydia has been missed by Beetlejuice fans who can’t wait to see what has happened to her and if she still wears black petticoats under her skirts.


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