april foolsThere are always a lot of different theories running around about The Walking Dead. With a show that popular it’s unescapable. But the crazy theories that were made up for April Fool’s Day were so outlandish that people should have known instantly that they weren’t true. However, some people really believed them and now they will live in infamy online tricking thousands of readers who don’t realize that they are hoaxes and not true. Here are a few of the April Fool’s Walking Dead stories that will probably be getting quoted online for the next few years:

Stephen King Writing The Walking Dead

Horror fans collectively held their breath when reading an article stating that Stephen King was writing the season premiere of The Walking Dead until they realized it was an April Fool’s joke. Stories said that King would be writing the premiere episode of Season 6 and that in the premiere three major characters including Daryl Dixon would be killed off. Glenn and Maggie were also supposed to die in the premiere. While Stephen King is a fan of the show and has called it one of the best shows on TV there has been no confirmation that he was even involved in the show or in talks to write an episode of the show. The writing team, headed by Scott Gimple, has been doing a pretty good job on their own judging by the continual record breaking ratings that the show receives.

Robert Pattinson Cast as Negan

Another April Fool’s joke about The Walking Dead was that Twilight star Robert Pattinson was cast as the next and probably the worst villain that the group will face. Questions surrounding the character of Negan have had fans buzzing for the last couple of seasons but the fervor around Negan came to a head in Season 5 when the group arrived at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The writers and Robert Kirkman have said that Negan will appear in the series but have not said when. As far as anyone knows Negan hasn’t been cast although fans have definitely ideas about who they would like to see in the role and none of them want to see Robert Pattinson as Negan. Some of the contenders that fans would love to see are Henry Rollins, Kevin Durand, Christopher Meloni, Jon Hamm, Patrick Warburton and Bruce Campbell. Bruce Campbell is going to be starring in the new series Ash Vs. The Evil Dead so probably wouldn’t have time to play The Walking Dead villain anyway.

The Walking Dead Kids Cartoon

It started as a comic, but The Walking Dead is not coming to TV as a cartoon for children despite what you read online. There was even a promo video showing a cartoon Carl, Rick, Andrea and Michonne teaming up with Clementine from the Tell Tale Games Walking Dead game and a plucky dog to fight zombies and try to save the world. A kid-friendly zombie cartoon? From the same people who showed Rick ripping a man’s throat out with his teeth and Daryl pulling the spine out of a walker to hit someone with? If you fell for that one and thought that the Walking Dead kids cartoon was real you deserved to get fooled.

Daryl’s Death

Most of the stories floating around about The Walking Dead on April Fool’s Day involved the death of fan favorite character Daryl Dixon in many different ways. In one story Daryl was beaten to death by Negan in the second episode in Season 6. In another Daryl was killed off because Norman Reedus declared that the wanted to leave the show. Anytime you see any story or website saying that Daryl is going to die or that Norman Reedus is leaving The Walking Dead don’t believe it. Norman has repeatedly says that he will stay on The Walking Dead until they force him off the show. And because Daryl is by far the most popular character on the show he is fairly safe from an untimely demise. At least for now. As we all know no one on the show is ever 100% safe from death but Daryl is as close to safe as possible.



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