american horror story - Angela BassettThe cast for American Horror Story: Hotel gets more impressive every time a new cast member is announced. While the location and the backstory of the Hotel that will serve as the basis of the season is unknown with a cast of this caliber the show can’t help but be amazing no matter what the setting is. Recently Angela Bassett confirmed that she will once again be appearing in American Horror Story. She has acted in the show in two other seasons, Coven and Freakshow. Even though fans are sad that Jessica Lange will not be appearing in this season of AHS the cast for Hotel is getting fans really excited for the October premiere of Hotel.

Old Hollywood Glam

It’s been rumored that the Hotel season is going to be set in LA during the Golden Age of Hollywood at the infamous Garden of Allah hotel. Considering the star quality looks and talent of the cast so far that’s a pretty good assumption. Also recently the show filed for permits indicating that filming will begin in LA this summer. This is the first time in several seasons that the show has filmed in LA. Filming was moved to Louisiana several seasons ago and has been there ever since. The change in locations indicates that the rumors of Hotel being inspired by the Garden of Allah might be accurate.

So far the cast includes Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Chloe Sevigny, Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, Cheyenne Jackson, and Evan Peters. All of these actors have worked on at least one incarnation of American Horror Story previously except for Lady Gaga, who is making her TV debut in the series. This season of the show has the potential to be the most creative and most twisted of all the American Horror Story serials thanks to the wealth of source material to draw from if the Garden of Allah is the inspiration for the story.

The Garden of Allah

The Garden of Allah hotel was notorious during the heyday of Hollywood. All the Hollywood stars, literary names, and other famous people were either residents or parties there constantly. Some Hollywood legends kept blocks of rooms there and partied continuously. The hotel also had a dark side and there were many deaths in the hotel and associated with the hotel including some that had supernatural overtones. Many people now wonder if the hotel is cursed. So it’s a perfect setting for a chapter of American Horror Story.

Connections to Murder House

Throughout the different seasons of the show there have been connections and Easter eggs that fans can use to connect the seasons even though they are totally different and take place in different places and times. Last season, Freakshow, featured several clues to link the show to Hotel and it’s safe to assume that there will be some clues hidden in Hotel to link it back to Murder House. Early in the Murder House series there is a patient of the doctor’s that has a recurring nightmare about being chopped in half by an elevator door. That could easily be a connection between the two seasons. Ryan Murphy is really good at hiding small details into the plots so you can expect several references to Murder House to be hidden in throughout the plot points of Hotel.

Character Conflict

It’s not really known yet what roles the actors will be playing, except for Kathy Bates. Ryan Murphy confirmed that she will be running the hotel so she will be in charge of keeping everyone in line. Ryan Murphy also announced that Angela Bassett will be causing a lot of trouble for whatever character is played by Lady Gaga so things will not go smoothly for Lady Gaga’s character.

American Horror Story Premiere

More information should start to become available now that the show is heading into production. Right now American Horror Story is set to debut in early October just like The Walking Dead. Hopefully the fans of the show will like this incarnation a little better than Freakshow. Even though Freakshow was not a huge hit with fans they are going to watch Hotel and they will almost certainly love it.


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