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Think more Harry Potter, less Freddie Kruger; more pipe organ, less “Monster Mash.”  It’s time to take a sophisticated step away from all the sound effect CDs of creaking doors, screaming, and bubbling cauldrons.  With more elegance and intrigue, less horror and kitsch, a new collection of original Halloween Carols™ has just been released on CD – A Broom With A View – written, recorded, and produced by Halloween aficionado Kristen Lawrence.


Haunting, witty, and beautiful, Kristen’s unique writing style embraces musical influences drawn from the ages, from medieval plainchant to modern day metal.  Lawrence, a classically trained organist, has studied the holiday’s history and decided that the rich tradition of All Hallows Eve merits its own seasonal carols.  To date, she has over 60 carols written, each waiting its turn to be recorded.  This CD is the second release from her collection.


“I love it and think it is remarkably fresh and original – the pieces could be movie scores.  Grown-ups who have loved this holiday from afar can come out of the woods because we finally have elegant Halloween music all ages can enjoy,” says Academy Award winning filmmaker Kieth Merrill.  Pacific Symphony’s Assistant Conductor, Maxim Eshkenazy, calls A Broom With A View an “interesting, intriguing, and fascinating listen.  Definitely an absolute must for Halloween.”


Kristen grew up in the temperate trick-or-treating weather of Orange County, California and calls Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion her second home.  She writes music with her black cat “Molly Macabre the Halloween Cat” at her side.  Molly is a featured “vocalist” in the song “Cats In The Catacombs.”


Other sweet treats from the CD include: “Mostly Ghostly” – a wailing pipe organ introduction; “Vampire Empire” – a succulent waltz with harpsichord, organ, and kick drums thumping like heartbeats; and two versions of the traditional “Souling Song” – “All Hallows Version,” which explains the medieval Christian history of All Hallows with cathedral bells and organ, and “Samhain Version,” which explains the pagan origins with drums, organ, and guitars.  As Kristen’s singing and compositions range from richly intense to delightfully quirky, this CD will appeal to all ages and types of Trick-or-Treaters.  Broom with a View is currently available

A Broom With A View is available at www.cdbaby.com  and www.dfjamsstore.com  coming to iTunes and Amazon very soon.


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