ZombieApocalypseA staggering amount of people believe that a zombie apocalypse could happen within their lifetime. More people have zombie disaster plans than have plans for things like floods, fires, and other natural disasters. Even the Federal government acknowledged the possibility of a zombie apocalypse when the CDC used a fictional zombie apocalypse as the basis for a pamphlet explaining how people should create an emergency plan. But how likely is a zombie apocalypse really? More likely than you might think. Check out some of these terrifying real life things that could ultimately cause a full blown zombie apocalypse:

Bath salts, cocaine, meth and other drugs are known to produce extreme behavior and paranoia in people who use them. Most people were horrified when people who had used bath salts turned on other people and started to eat them, much the way that zombies would. There is a strong possibility that massive widespread use of these types of drugs can cause zombie like behavior.

In cattle it’s called Mad Cow Disease, in deer and wildlife it’s called Wasting Disease. But no matter what it’s called it’s an illness that causes these animals to act in an unnatural way and lose control of their central nervous system. Humans can catch this disease, by eating undercooked meat, so it’s not at all hard to imagine that a few people who deer or cows that are infected with this disease come down with the disease and start to eat other people, spreading the disease even more. Diseases like Mad Cown or some other type of pandemic are the most likely sources of a zombie apocalypse.

Toxoplasma is the most likely parasite that will start a zombie apocalypse. The parasite is only dangerous to rats, but it can only grow in the intestine of a cat. The eggs pass from the catzombie-dude and out into the environment, where rats can pick up the parasite. The parasite is programmed to get itself into a cat so that it can reproduce. So it takes over the brain of the rat, causing the rat to run towards cats and hang out in areas where cats are. This parasite drives rats to put themselves in positions where they will get eaten, so that the parasite can land in the cat’s intestines and reproduce. With just a little bit of mutation Toxoplasma could have a similar effect on humans. Most humans already carry at least some Toxoplasma in their bodies already, so if that Toxoplasma mutated a zombie apocalypse could happen quickly.

Chemical weapons are neurotoxins that could have a deadly effect on the human brain, but they are not the only neurotoxins that humans should be afraid of. There are plenty of natural neurotoxins that can damage the brain and put people into a zombielike state. Some Voodoo practitioners have been using these natural neurotoxins for years in order to produce slaves who will work when they are told to work and don’t require any of the things that humans typically need. They also won’t fight back. It’s pretty amazing to consider how weak the human race really is against the huge range of things that are out to get us. It’s not that surprising a zombie apocalypse could happen. It’s more surprising that it hasn’t happened yet.

Nanobots and Technology
Technology is a friend to humans, but it could also bring humanity down. Already doctors and medical researchers are using 3D printers to print body parts, organs, and living tissue. There is even some research being done on how to 3D print stem cells that will be able to be replicated and turned into any body part or organ that a patient needs using their own cells. Eventually scientists may try using nanobots with living cells in order to force the cells to come together as a heart, a leg, or whatever is needed. Once that happens it’s not that big of a leap to imagine that the nanobots inside the body could attack and take over the brain, creating zombies.



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