gaThe new promotional material for the second half of Season 5 of The Walking Dead confirms fan speculation that the group is heading out of Georgia. The map that Abraham left for Rick when Abraham and the others set off for Washington and left Rick’s group at the church is proof that the group will be moving on. Also, the Alexandria Safe-Zone set was built in Senoia, GA where the show films over the summer and the fall. It is very likely that the group will try to take Noah to Richmond to find his family. They may or may not be successful, but they almost certainly head to the Safe-Zone from there. And while some fans are worried about what changes the group will go through when they leave Georgia it’s definitely time for the survivors to move out into the wider world. Here are 5 reasons why it’s time for Rick and the other survivors to start the trek out of Georgia:

The Story Needs to Evolve

While the special effects crew has done a fantastic job making the walkers more disgusting, hungrier, and more emaciated every season they are not the threat that they used to be. As the bodies of the undead decay they become a lot more fragile, and that makes them easier to kill. They are still a threat but other survivors have emerged as the worst threat to survival. The survivors have already had run ins with different human villains that involved varying degrees of danger. Some characters didn’t make it. But the group can’t just roam through the Georgia woods trying to find shelter forever. The story needs to keep evolving as much as the characters are evolving, and in order for the story to continue the group needs to leave.

They Need Numbers

The group has become dangerously small. It’s almost certain that at least a couple more of the members of the group won’t make it out of Season 5. That means that Rick and the others will be forced to find more people if they want to survive. Even though they are all good fighters they are going to need numbers in order to survive. They haven’t had much luck finding other survivors who weren’t cannibals, murderers and thieves in the rural areas of Georgia they have been inhabiting so it’s time for them to move on and see if they have better luck elsewhere.

If There is a Future It’s Not in Georgia

No one knows at this point what, if anything, is left standing. If there is going to be any kind of a cure, or if the survivors are going to try and rebuild society it won’t be happening in Georgia. There is a much better chance that they will be able to get precious information if they head towards one of the cities that was a powerful government hub before the apocalypse. That’s why it makes perfect sense that they would head for D.C. even though Eugene lied about being a scientist. Eugene isn’t a scientist, but there may be real scientists out there working on a cure. The group will never have any shot at a real future if they don’t find some people who know what happened or how to fix it.

Resources Are Limited

The group already tried settling down in one spot so they could grow food and tend animals to be raised for food. That didn’t work out for them. The resources in rural Georgia are almost certainly pretty tapped out at this point. It’s been years since the apocalypse happened and the limited food and clean water available would be dangerously low at this point. If they keep moving there is a better chance they can find homes, stores, restaurants or other places that haven’t been raided for supplies yet. In a big city like D.C. or one of the suburbs like Alexandria they might be able to find the resources they need to survive.

They Need a Place to Heal

Every survivor in Rick’s group has been through multiple intense traumas and serious physical injury and hardship. Walkers and people aren’t the only threats they face. They also face threats from within like depression, PTSD, and physical injuries. When they are broken down physically and mentally they run the risk of getting careless or finding themselves dinner for a walker They need a safe place to rest and heal, and the best chance of finding that is outside of Georgia.


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