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Trick or Treating History

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Trick or treating hasn’t always been a part of Halloween celebrations. In fact, Halloween has only been celebrated in the US for a relatively short time. Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve was a practice that came over to the US with the first large wave of immigrants who came from Ireland, England, and Scotland. In some

Fun Facts About Jack O’Lanterns

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Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without Jack O’ Lanterns. Carving pumpkins into scary faces and artistic designs is a tradition that is as much a part of the holiday as Trick or Treating or wearing costumes. But Jack O’Lanterns , like many other traditions associated with Halloween, have roots in ancient Celtic rituals associated

History of the Jack-O-Lantern

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The jack-o-lantern’s mischievous grin has haunted our porches for years, but the Halloween tradition originated from an Irish myth.  The Irish carried over the tradition of the Jack-O-Lantern to the U.S., not as a pumpkin, but as a turnip. The orange glow that we have learned to love started with a drunk by the name