Zombies Still Rule Halloween


zombiesruleHalloween would not be complete without zombies. Ever since people started dressing up in scary costumes to celebrate the holiday zombies have been part of Halloween. Now thanks to the unprecedented popularity of zombies in popular culture zombies are more popular than ever before for Halloween. No matter what your plans are for celebrating this year you can be sure that zombies will show up at some point in the night. You will be fighting off zombies of all ages as you go out Trick or Treating or go to holiday parties.

One of the reasons why you can expect to see so many zombies out for Halloween is that zombies have never been as much a part of the popular consciousness as they are today. Movies like 28 Days Later and Zombieland have become part of popular culture. George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead films have achieved full cult status and are considered must see classics by horror film buffs and film journalists. The CDC issued a pamphlet detailing how to create an emergency plan for surviving a zombie apocalypse in order to convince people that they need to have an emergency plan in case of disaster. Then came The Walking Dead, the most successful cable show of all time which continues to shatter records.  As the Walking Dead heads into Season 4 the fans can’t get enough of the zombies or their heroes on the show.

There are even zombie infested 5k obstacle course runs held all over the country throughout the year where runners need to tackle urban and rural obstacles while avoiding being infected by zombies. If you don’t want to be a runner in a zombie 5k race you can always sign up to be a zombie. You will get to dress up in costume and have a professional zombie makeover done by a special effects artist. Then y ou will spend the day menacing runners and trying to eat their brains while stealing one of the thre three flags they carry. These races are selling out all over the country and have become so popular that people who would never consider training to run in a race are now training to run against the zombies. Zombies have taken over.

Because zombies are everywhere it only makes sense that they will be out in force on Halloween. And it’s never been easier to create a stunning zombie costume for yourself. You can buy prosthetics and professional special effects makeup to help you get just the right look. You can look on message boards and popular sites for tips on creating the look of dead and rotting flesh and getting just the right shade of corpse-like pallor on your skin. There are even professional makeup artists that specialize in creating zombie makeups. You can find tutorial videos and product recommendations online that will help you transform into an undead work of art. Because zombie costumes and makeups are popular throughout the  year there is constantly new information on creating different zombie looks being posted.


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