Zombieland – Zombies


Zombieland was one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 among horror and indie movie film fans. The film is a comedic horror film about four strangers who meet and become friends in a post-apocalyptic USA that has been overtaken by zombies.  The four main characters choose to be known 200px-Zombieland-posterby names of the places they come from or are trying to get to so the story follows two men who are called Columbus and Tallahassee and two women called Wichita and Little Rock as they try to make it to an amusement park that is reported to be zombie free. Columbus is trying to get back to Columbus, Ohio to find his family. After losing his son to zombies Tallahassee is determined to find the last Twinkie left on Earth, and the women are just trying to make it to the amusement park, Pacific Playland, where they assume they will be safe from the zombies.

Neither the men or the women trust each other at first and they routinely pull cons and tricks on each other along the way. After they first meet Wichita and Little Rock steal  Columbus and Tallahassee’s car and all their weapons and take off without them for Pacific Playland. Luckily Columbus and Tallahassee find an SUV that still runs loaded with weapons and they take off after the women. After spending time together Columbus begins to fall in love with Wichita but the love story is secondary to the main story which involves a lot of shooting, a lot of zombies, and a lot of high speed driving.

As the group travels towards Pacific Playland they pass through Hollywood and they spend some time with Bill Murray, who appears in the movie as himself.  At first the group assumes that Murray has been turned into a 00164038.detail.azombie as well because he looks and acts like a zombie but after they are in his home he reveals that he only puts on zombie makeup and acts like a zombie so that the zombies will continue to leave him alone. He spends his days living in his home and playing golf.  There is a misunderstanding and Columbus ends up accidentally shooting and killing Bill Murray. Murray’s cameo appearance ups the comedic side of the movie and there are many witty exchanges  between Columbus, Tallahassee and Bill Murray.

Eventually, after lots of adventures, the group arrives at Pacific Playland. Tallassee does find the a Twinkie, but Columbus realizes that his family and friends in Columbus, Ohio are either dead or zombies and he is better off staying with Wichita, Little Rock and Tallahassee. While at the amusement park the women turn on all the lights and start riding the rides which makes all the zombies in the area notice the amusement park which they had not noticed before. The converge on the amusement park and the four friends are left to fight off the hordes of zombies who are trying to kill them. They battle the zombies and together manage to kill them all. At the end of the movie the four leave Pacific Playland together in search of new adventures.

Zombie movies are always popular, but audiences love Zombieland because it’s funny and has a lot of action but remains tongue in cheek throughout the whole movie.


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