Win It Before You Can Buy It Giveaway – Spirit Halloween


Spirit Halloween began a 2011 Sweepstakes on Facebook called Win It Before You Can Buy It Giveaway.
Spirit Halloween is giving away a new prize each day through Aug 7.  2011.  There is a different prop every day.   I love some of these props.

The prizes are:
* Fog Machine
* Fog/Bubble Machine w/Fog & Bubble Juice
* Jumping Spider
* 3pc Lawn Zombie Ground Breaker
* Creepy Caretaker
* Scream 4 Ghost face
* Mr. Stubs
* Dollface Animated Zombie Baby
* 6ft Collapsible Fabric Coffin
* Regan from The Exorcist
* Eaten Alive
* Zombie Bait
* Universal Monsters – Frankenstein (Boris Karloff)
* Standing Candelabra

You can enter at:  (mobile devices are not supported)
This looks like a great Halloween contest!


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