Why Spider-Man Remains One of the Most Popular Superheroes



Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. The continued success of graphic novels, books, movies and TV shows about Spider-Man proves that the character of Spider-Man and his alter-ego Peter Parker touches a nerve with generation after generation of fans. One of the reasons why Spider-Man remains such a popular superhero throughout the decades is because his alter-ego is someone that millions of people can relate to. Unlike Batman’s alter ego, who is a rich financier, Peter Parker is a regular kid who has the same insecurities, sensitivities and issues that real kids have. Everyone from teenagers to adults can relate the everyday problems that Peter Parker has.


Another reason why Spider-Man is so popular is that he became a superhero through a freak accident, so that means that in some deep dark corner of every fan’s mind there is the thought that just maybe someday they could become a superhero too. As Peter Parker struggles to find the balance of being a human and a superhero the readers and watchers who are going through the struggle with him get to experience what it would be like to discover that they superpowers and what kinds of problems and adversities that could bring. They also get to share in the excitement of discovering what those powers are and what they can they do. Through Peter Parker they can experience what it’s like to go from being ordinary to extraordinary.


SpiderMan came on the scene in the early 1960s and was instantly popular because Spider-Man was the first superhero that seemed relatable to everyday people. Up until that point the superheroes were all descendents of superhumans from other worlds or people who had lived through huge tragedies that were due in part to their superhero status. Originally Marvel comics did not want to add Spider-Man to their roster of superheroes precisely because the character was seen as too ordinary but they eventually were talked into taking a chance on Spider-Man by Stan Lee, the original creator of the character. Stan Lee knew that kids wanted to see someone like themselves reflected in the superhero pantheon and he knew that the story of Peter Parker would draw in young fans who previously might not have been interested in comics or superheroes. He never could have imagined how loyal that audience would be.


Even when the story of Spider-Man is told over and over, like the 2012 Spider-Man film that retells the story of the origin of Spider-Man, people will remain interested. The story of an ordinary teen becoming a special superhero is so universal that it can be told a thousand times in a thousand different ways and people will still pay to read that book, see that movie, or buy that DVD. The story of Spider-Man instills hope in everyone who reads it or sees and so it will always be in high demand.



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