Why So Many People Are Building Extreme Halloween Displays


In the past it used to be that most people went to the trouble of creating elaborate light displays and decorations for Christmas. But over the last decade decorating for Halloween has become incredibly popular. Now it’s become common for people to create even more fantastic decorating displays for Halloween than they do for Christmas. Halloween is a holiday that people like to create displays for because they can create scary displays, funny displays, or artistic displays that don’t have to conform to any strict rules.  Many neighborhoods now have Halloween decorating contests as well as Christmas decorating contests. Driving around or walking around neighborhoods to see the Halloween decorations is nearly as possible as driving around to see Christmas decorations. There are several reasons why decorating for Halloween has now become such a popular hobby:


Bragging rights – Thanks to the Internet and sites like YouTube there are a lot of bragging rights on the line for people who manage to create spectacular Halloween displays. YouTube videos that go viral can lead to millions of views and a lot of media attention for the decorator. Some special effects designers have even been able to launch their careers based on videos of their own personal Halloween decorations. Engineers, designers, and hobbyists all have a lot of fun designing the over the top Halloween displays that end up on YouTube every year.  One popular YouTube user whose videos of his amazing light displays generated more than 20 million views total was even featured in a very popular music video.


Affordability – Advanced in technology have made it a lot more affordable than ever before to create spectacular light and music displays at home. Cost effective LED lights are energy efficient and use almost no electricity. Apps and computer programs can sync music with light displays and light effects and all of the displays can be controlled on a tablet or smart phone. The more advanced the technology becomes the easier it is for people to create highly technical displays at home without investing in a lot of equipment or spending a fortune on supplies and electricity. The technology also makes it easy for anyone to program complicated light shows on their home computer without a technical background.


Freedom – Christmas light displays are restricted by city and homeowner ordinances in many places but Halloween displays are not. Christmas light displays are also expected to conform to community standards that may restrict the colors used, the music used, or the display of religious symbols. Halloween light shows can be a lot more creative in their design and in the colors and materials used. Homeowner can be a lot more creative when it comes to creating Halloween displays than they can be when creating Christmas displays. The weather is usually much better at Halloween than at Christmas which makes it easier to put up the lights and decorations that are used.


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