Why Audiences Can’t Enough of Chucky


chuckyCurse of Chucky, the sixth film featuring the foul mouthed evil doll, will be released soon and fans are excited at the chance to see Chucky again. Fans first met Chucky in Child’s Play, a typical 80’s horror movie that blended sight gags, gore, and dark comedy with a lot of killing. Maybe it’s nostalgia for those 80s horror flicks or maybe it’s just that people love a talking doll but Chucky is as popular as ever even 25 years later.

In the original Child’s Play film Chucky comes into existence when a killer named Charles Lee Ray is running from the police. His partner in crime abandons him so Charles Lee Ray runs into a nearby toy store to hide from the police. He is found, and in the ensuing shootout he is mortally wounded. As he is dying he uses a voodoo amulet around his neck to transfer his soul to the nearest toy. He ends up becoming trapped in the Good Guy doll, which is a parody of the popular 80s toy My Buddy. The dolls were about the size of a five year old child and they were made to look like real children. My Buddy dolls were a pop culture joke in the 80s famous for inspiring nightmares in parents and children because of their appearance.

The My Buddy doll that is now inhabited by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray is purchased by a woman for her son. Chucky, as the spirit in the doll calls himself, then uses the Good Guy doll body and his ability to manipulate people to murder a whole slew of people. One of his first targets is his partner, and then the police who shot him. While the doll is committing the murders Andy, the child, is blamed for them. Eventually Andy is put into a mental hospital because the authorities think he is a young serial killer.

Throughout the Child’s Play and Chuck films fans see Chucky go through a wide range of horrific events that were intended to kill him, although his spirit trapped in the doll never dies. He is shot, he face is ripped apart by machinery, he is burned and has limbs cut off. No matter what is done to him he continues to try and track down Andy, the boy from the first film and he continues killing. In the later films he adds a girlfriend, Tiffany, and children. But he keeps killing.

Fans of 80s horror movies love Chucky because he is exemplifies the 80s horror genre. Slasher flicks in the 80s usually had an element of dark sophomoric humor to them as well as a body count. Chucky, the foul mouthed murderous little doll, became an icon of the genre over the years. Chucky is instantly recognizable and is a part of many horror shows and exhibits. Chucky also pops up in pop culture references, TV shows like Saturday Night Live, and even in other films. Almost everyone knows who Chucky is.

The idea of a possessed doll is one that sets off a primal fear in many people. Other movies like The Conjuring also feature possessed dolls but they don’t have the humor element that Child’s Play and now Curse of Chucky have.  Fans have been waiting for a long time to see Chucky reappear because they know he will always keep coming back. Just like Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees Chucky will keep killing and there’s no stopping him. At one point Chucky’s plastic face was shattered and melted down but still he survived.

Chucky is known for his vulgar language and insults as much as for his murder sprees. At the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night shows he has his own insult comedy show and takes great pride in the creativity of the insults he can hurt at the audience. Curse of Chucky has inspired new shows that will premier after the movie comes out. The consistent popularity of the Chucky shows at Universal Studios  has proven that fans are more than willing to pay for the chance to get up close and personal with the evil possessed doll who likes to insult people.


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