The Walking Dead Costumes


twd-costumeThe Walking Dead Halloween costumes are set to be some of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. They have been popular for several years but as the show heads into the fifth season it has never been more popular. Every year the AMC series that no one predicted would last more than two seasons breaks ratings records. The fans who continue to make the show the most popular show in cable TV history also love to dress up as their favorite characters from the show. You can find them at conventions, at zombie walks and runs, and even dressing up for tours of the filming locations associated with The Walking Dead. Parents even dress up their kids as some of the kids who have played minor roles in the cast like Mika, Lizzie and the baby Judith to accompany them to Walking Dead theme events.


Fan favorite Daryl Dixon is also the most popular inspiration for The Walking Dead Halloween costumes. His iconic crossbow and at least one stuffed squirrel are almost always part of the costumes. The necklace of ears he made from ears he cut off zombies is also a popular addition to a Daryl Dixon costume. Katana wielding Michonne is also a popular pick when it comes to Halloween costumes. Her dreadlocks and katana are signature items that any Michonne costume needs to have. All of the main cast members have signature items that make them instantly recognizable but probably the most recognizable costume is that of Sheriff Rick Grimes with his police issue Stetson. Since he gifts the Stetson to Carl after Carl gets shot anyone creating a Carl costume can also wear the Stetson.


This year there will also be a lot of mullet wigs to be seen at Walking Dead Halloween parties and events. Eugene, the science teacher from rural Texas who supposedly knows how to stop the zombie apocalypse, is a character that fans love. His famous mullet may even bring back the popularity of the 80s hairstyle.


Main characters who have been killed off on the show remain popular as Halloween costumes. A fun idea for a group of people going to a rickHalloween party or event is to dress up as all the main characters who have died on the show. This year a lot of people will dress up as Hershel, who died when The Governor decapitated him with Michonne’s katana in the mid-season finale of Season 4. Hershel remains one of the most beloved characters by fans even though he is gone. Meryl Dixon, Daryl’s abusive criminal older brother, is also a character that is gone but remains wildly popular. The Governor, who was the first human villain the group encountered, is a fun costume choice. Just don’t forget the eye patch he needed to wear after he and Michonne fought.


The women of The Walking Dead are great costumes for women and girls because they exemplify strong women who rise to every challenge thrown at them in the post-apocalypse world. Carol, who has gone from domestic abuse victim in the beginning of the series to an independent and strong leader capable of taking care of herself and the group, is beloved by fans and is the inspiration for a lot of costumes. Any costume based on Carol should include the black buckled boots that she is known for.


Several new female characters were introduced in Season 4 that will be showing up as Halloween costumes this year. Tara Chambler, the sister of Lilly and aunt of Meghan, was the only one of the Chamblers to survive The Governor’s assault on the prison. Glenn saved her on his way out of the prison and she travelled with him on his way to find Maggie and any other prison survivors. While Glenn and Tara are looking for Maggie they meet Abraham and Eugene, who are traveling with Rosita. Rosita Espinoza is another strong character whose signature look of cutoff shorts and a tied shirt will be very popular for Halloween this year.


Of course people who don’t want to dress up as a member of the ensemble cast can get in the Halloween spirit by dressing up as the famous zombies of The Walking Dead.


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