Use Body Parts to Scare Your Friends and Family This Halloween


Halloween is the one time of the year when you can go all out grossing out your friends and family and being very dark and scary. So this year embrace that freedom and use fake arms, eyeballs and other fake body parts to decorate for Halloween. You can also use fake body parts and bloody body parts to make your Halloween party more fun by using them in games and activities. Investing a little money in high quality rubber and foam latex body parts for Halloween will be well worth it when you see how much enjoyment you get from scaring your guests. You can tailor games that feature bloody body parts and bones to all ages, so that smaller children won’t be too frightened to participate in the games but most kids love fake body parts and the gorier they are the better. Try incorporating some of these activities and games into your Halloween party this year to liven up the party using dead body parts:

Ghostly Body Part Scavenger Hunt – This is a great game for Trick or Treating because you can send the participants all over the neighborhood collecting fake body parts as well as candy. Enlist the help of some neighbors to pull this one off. The premise of the hunt is that the ghost of a murdered person can’t rest until all the pieces of his body are back together, because they have been scattered around the neighborhood by the killer. The people on the scavenger hunt will be given a map of the neighborhood listing where the clues can be found and a list of the body parts. They have to go around the neighborhood to figure out the clues and find the body parts. You can have a lot of fun and bury the body parts, or have neighbors put them in the candy they hand out, or even set dismembered body parts alone in a graveyard. Once the people have discovered all the parts you can pool them, reconstruct the body and help the ghost cross over, after the ghost makes a frightening appearance of course.

Bobbing for Eyeballs – Go for the gory gold with this fantastically fun Halloween party game that replaces apple bobbing with bobbing for fake eyeballs. You can buy fake eyeballs and fill a bowl with tapioca pearls and fake eyeballs and a refreshing drink and let people bob for the fake eyeballs. The tapioca pearls have a firm outer shell with a soft, gushy center and will feel like popped eyeballs when eaten so people who are bobbing for the fake eyeballs will get a mouthful of tapioca peals and feel like they have a mouthful of popped eyeballs. If you want to take the time to make the tapioca pearls look like eyeballs you can use food coloring to give them irises like eyes have. Tapioca pearls and fake eyeballs are affordable too so you won’t have to spend a lot to get a great grossed out reaction from your loved ones.


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