Tips for Picking the Best Halloween Candy


By early September stores are already stocking Halloween candy. There are dozens of different kinds of Halloween candy that you can choose from, but how will you know which ones are the most likely to result in happy Trick or Treaters and no rotten eggs or other “tricks” all over your property? Kids have high standards when it comes to Halloween candy and if you don’t live up to their expectations you can expect to be branded as the house with the bad Halloween candy for the rest of the year. But parents prefer houses that give out relatively healthy treats instead of sugar laden candy that will keep their kids bouncing off the walls for days. Here are a few tips for picking out Halloween candy that will be popular with kids and parents this year:

Snack size chocolate bars are always a good idea- Snack size bars are small enough to not cause an overdose of sugar in young children but the chocolate treats make the children very happy. Always get at least two more bags than you think you need because once the word gets around that you have good candy you’ll get more Trick or Treaters.

Brand names matter– Don’t go for the cheaper, off brand candy when it comes to Halloween.   Kids don’t buy it when their parents buy the store brand cereal and tell them it tastes like the name brand cereal and they won’t believe it when it comes to Halloween candy either. Unless you want to want to spend the money you saved paying for a new paint job on your car after it’s pelted with eggs shell out the money for the name brand stuff. You’ll be glad you did.

Pre-package treat bundles – Letting kids grab their own treats from a bucket is never a good idea. You’ll be left with three pieces of candy after the first round of Trick or Treaters. Instead, package your own treat bundles in small plastic bags. Arrange a few chocolate bars, hard candy, and whatever other treats you’re giving out in a clear plastic baggie and give one to each child.

Offer more than one treat– Buy a few different kinds of treats to give out so that if you run out of one you have more. Kids will also feel like they’re getting more treats if you give them a variety of different kinds of treats.  Some kids can’t have chocolate, or can’t have candy with nuts, or have other dietary issues that you need to be prepared for. Having different types of candy will help you have treats that are appropriate for different kids.

Think outside the chocolate box – Chocolate treats are popular but don’t forget there are other candies that are great for Halloween too. Pixie sticks are a classic Halloween treat. So are Sour Balls,  Gummie Bears, and other non chocolate candy. These candies are usually cheaper than brand name chocolate treats too so if you’re trying to keep your Halloween candy spending to a minimum choose hard candy and other non chocolate treats.


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