Tips for Making Hunger Games Halloween Costumes


hunger-gamesSome of the most in demand costumes this year for Halloween will be Hunger Games costumes. There are a lot of strong characters in the movies and in the books that make great costume choices.  Men and boys can choose to dress up as leading men Peeta Mellark or Gale Hawthorne. For male costumes with an edge you can choose Haymitch Abernathy or President Snow. Cesar Flickerman is another great choice for the guys. Ladies who don’t want to dress up as the iconic Katniss Everdeen can choose some of the other strong female characters instead like Effie Trinket or Foxface. The lush costumes and makeups of the citizens can also inspire diverse costumes.


If you choose to replicate the look of a particular character here are some tips for taking your costume to the next level:

Peeta Mellark – Peeta’s training outfit and outfit worn during the Hunger Games is the same as the ones that Katniss wears. To create the training outfit you can use a sports jersey and black track pants, with the color details either sewn on or put on with electrical tape. You can buy replica Hunger Games training shirts that look identical to the ones in the movies. Peeta’s interview suit is also easy to turn into a costume. A simple black suit with a red stripe detail is all you need. If you don’t want to sew a red ribbon onto the suit you can use fabric glue to apply it.

Effie Trinket – Effie is one of the most creative looking characters from the Hunger Games. If you want to dress up as Effie go big. A white, curly wig is essential. If you want to make your costume even more noticeable you can choose a colored curly wig to coordinate with your outfit but a white wig will go with any outfit. Effie is also known for her white face makeup. A heavy layer of white powder will give you the look that you want. White eyeliner can also be used to change the appearance of your eyes.

A fascinator or flower for your wig is another one of Effie’s signature items that you will need to have. You can match the fascinator to your outfit or to your hair. Another large flower brooch or choker should be worn around your neck. An easy way to create this is to buy a fake flower and glue it to a piece of ribbon that you can tie around your neck. Another fashion detail that is unique to Effie is a huge puffed sleeve, or ruffles. You should wear a jacket or dress that has large puffed sleeves to make the look really authentic. Look for historical costumes or period costumes because they often have the type of sleeve that you will need. You can always dye a period style jacket to make it look like something Effie would wear. Have fun with your Effie costume because the more dramatic it is the more authentic it will be.


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