Top 20 Tips to Throw an Amazing Valentine’s Day Party!


Valentine’s Day is a great reason to dress up in fun costumes. It’s a holiday to celebrate life, love and friendship in crazy ways that are unique and out of the ordinary. No one wants to have a Valentine’s Day that is ordinary.  Valentine’s Day parties with friends will give you a reason to celebrate even if you don’t have someone special to celebrate the holiday with. Valentine’s Day parties are a great excuse to wear a sexy costume, get dressed up and have some fun. Whether you are throwing the party or attending the party there are some unique and interesting costumes that you can wear that will get you noticed on Valentine’s Day both at parties and on social media. If you want your Instagram photos to stand out from the rest use some of these party ideas and tips to make your Valentine’s Day the best one yet.


Don’t Hold Back
Valentine’s Day is not the time to go for something subtle. If you want to wear a black vinyl mini-dress, black boots, a pink wig and fishnet tights go for it. Choose a sexy costume and wear it proudly. You can wear a sexy version of a regular costume, like a sexy vampire costume or a sexy fairy costume or you can wear your own clothes but sex them up a little with accessories. Wigs, masks, boots, whips, and hats are all fun things that you can use to glam up your look a little for Valentine’s Day. Tights and stockings in sexy patterns and colors are also a good way to dress up for Valentine’s Day. Pink wigs and red wigs are a safe choice, or go for a rainbow wig to make your costume really stand out. Pile on the sparkles too with body glitter and shimmery makeup.


anti-vdAnti-Valentine’s Day Parties are Trendy
Not feeling the love for Valentine’s Day this year? Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Encourage your guests to wear black or dress up in costumes that make fun of romance and love. Nerd costumes are popular for anti-Valentine’s Day parties. So are Emo and Gothic costumes. Making a mockery of the holiday that is supposed to be all about love can be a lot of fun so gather up your single friends and enjoy an anti-Valentine’s Day party together. Your social media photos will be really funny and because your party will be different from other Valentine’s Day photos your photos will really stand out. You may even attract some new followers who share your disdain for the holiday.


Have a Pajama Party
If you want to have a good time with your closest friends on Valentine’s Day throw an old fashioned pajama party to celebrate. Have your friends bring their cutest pajamas and their favorite DVDs and settle in to watch all the romantic movies you used to watch at high school sleepovers. A John Hughes marathon featuring Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles is a must. Stay up all night talking like you used to when you were younger and remember how much fun you used to have with your friends. You will all enjoy a nostalgic Valentine’s Day in your coziest pajamas.


Go to France
Well not really. Throw a Parisian themed Valentine’s Day party since Paris is the city of love. You and your guests can dress up as famous French actors, writers, and royalty. You can serve pastel colored macaroons and festoon your home with travel posters and photos from Paris. If you want to put a nerdy spin on a French theme Valentine’s Party dress up as some of the characters from Assassin’s Creed and host a gaming marathon during the party. That will get you some serious nerd points with your friends who love video games. If your friends prefer film and literature you can have a French movie marathon. If you want your party to be a little wild then revisit Paris during the sexy and chaotic Moulin Rouge years and throw a Moulin Rouge theme party with historical and burlesque costumes. Your friends will have a great time partying at the Moulin Rouge for Valentine’s Day.



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