The Werewolf


The werewolf is one of the more popular mythical creatures that most of us know about. Kids, teens and adults all have heard about the werewolf. The werewolf is a folklore character that we all know as half wolf and half man. In many folklore stories, men who have the ability to shape-shift into wolves are called werewolves. The transformation can be werewolf costumedifferent depending on the culture of the folklore. The half man-half wolf is characterized by a gruesomely hairy body, long nails, bulging muscles and growing teeth.

One of the most distinct characteristics of the werewolf is its being drawn to the full moon. In one folklore, a man who has the genetic traits of werewolves, is drawn to the full moon. It is only during each month’s full moon that he can transform from man to wolf and wolf to man. The transformation process, in most stories, show the man to be in extreme pain and agony.

Another distinct characteristic of the werewolf is superhuman strength. That means that a werewolf can be distinguished as one if his superhuman strength shows. Unlike any man or even a wolf, the werewolf can lift things of great weight, can fight off even big animals and can withstand almost any kind of attack. However, it should be noted that in most stories, werewolves are not immortals. They bleed as humans and animals do. They can also get hurt and feel pain. While they may be gifted with superhuman strength, most folklore’s show them as mortal beings who cannot defeat death. Werewolves are also known to have extra sensitive senses but moonmore than that of a human, wolf or any animal.

The transformation of the werewolf usually happens every time the moon is full. Some stories say that a werewolf can fully control his transformation from man to wolf and vice verse. According to folklore, a man becomes a werewolf due to varied reasons. One is through genes. A father can pass on his werewolf genes to some of his children but in most cases the young werewolf only becomes aware of his condition during his teens when the traits begin to show. Another way to become a werewolf is when you are bitten by one. If you are bitten by a werewolf and you manage to survive despite your wounds then a magical transformation can happen; making you a werewolf. Another means to become a werewolf is by making a deal with the devil or some satanic character.

In some folklore stories, werewolves become weak once they transform from wolf to man. In some cultures as well, werewolves are show to having feelings of guilt and remorse after they have attacked oir killed someone in their wolf form. Thus, it shows that werewolves, while having super strength and senses are still humans who are bound by weaknesses and limitations.

Because of the fascinating stories about werewolves, many writers and movie makers still create stories revolving around the old werewolf myths and folklore’s. The werewolf is also a popular Halloween costume for kids, teens and adults.


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