The Monster Success of Monster High


Very few people could have predicted how successful the Monster High franchise would be. In theory the idea of a line of fashion dolls that were the offspring of famous monsters seemed risky. Would girls who loved Barbie monster-highand American Girl style dolls go for dolls that had the looks of monsters and a fashion forward alternative style? Not only did girls embrace the dolls they went crazy for them. Three years after the release of the first dolls the franchise has become a mammoth money making machine with dolls, videos, a successful website, TV specials, video games, and of course clothing and accessory lines. The girls of Monster high are wildly popular Halloween costumes and the edgy fashion of the dolls is drawing in new fans every month.

Monster High appeals to girls because the characters of Monster High are all different and stand out from the crowd. Tween girls and high school girls are still trying to figure out where they fit in at their middle schools and high schools. Reading the stories of the Monster High girls and watching the web series and TV specials helps them figure out where they belong and makes them feel like they aren’t different or weird. The girls in the Monster High franchise are special because of their differences and they are not made fun of for them which sends a powerful message to kids about acceptance. Girls also love the different look of the characters and love to copy the clothing and alternative styles that the dolls have.

Monster High is also popular because of the constant stream of new material that is put out by the brand. New young adult books about the kids of Monster High come out on a regular basis. There are several different TV specials featuring the Monster High characters each year. The Monster High website has games and social networking so that girls can connect with others who love the Monster High characters. Continually introducing new stories set in Monster High and allowing kids to make up their own Monster High stories with videogames and social media keeps their young fans engaged and interested. Kids love computers so the interactive Monster High website that features new webisode videos as well as other features is a great way to keep kids loyal the franchise.

Monster High is not showing any signs of slowing down. New content and new clothing and accessories made to fit into the world of Monster High is released constantly. There are still many Monster High stories to be told that will resonate with kids as they transition from elementary to middle school and middle to high school. Parents have embraced Monster High because of the message of acceptance that the characters teach even though some parents don’t care for the expressive clothes and hair that the characters have. Monster High has become an iconic symbol of childhood along with dolls that were popular in past eras like Cabbage Patch dolls and of course Barbie.


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