The Essential Zombie Makeup Kit


zombie-makeupIf you want to create amazing zombie makeup for Halloween or for a zombie walk or other event you will need to have a unique tool kit. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get all the supplies to create a great zombie makeup. But you will need to have some special items that you won’t be able to find at your local drugstore. Making your own zombie makeup effects is surprisingly easily once you have the right tools. According to horror and special effects makeup artists the essential zombie makeup kit should include:


Liquid latex – You can use liquid latex to create scars and decaying flesh. You can also use it to glue appliances and protrusions to your skin. It can be poured into masks or half masks. It’s a very versatile item that every special effects makeup kit should have. Make sure that you have enough because people will probably want to borrow yours at events. Just make sure that you don’t have a latex allergy before using it. If you do have a latex allergy you can use spirit gum.


Spirit Gum – Spirit gum is an adhesive that is most commonly used to secure false eyelashes. It’s non toxic and will fuse items to your skin with a very strong hold. If you want to be sure your skin lesions, breaking flesh and other appliances stay on delicate areas like your eyes and fact you can use spirit gum in place of liquid latex. If you are going to be helping people create their own zombie makeup keep some spirit gum in your kit for people who are allergic to latex.


Base – Base makeup is very similar to foundation makeup but you need base makeups in colors that aren’t made by most beauty makeup companies. You will definitely need white and grey bases. Grey is the best makeup to use to get a deathly pallor. You will also need black greasepaint or base to create shadows and highlight angles of the face. That is the best way to make sure that you really look like a living corpse. Green base is also useful to have. Green base can be used to give a “newly dead” pallor to the skin and to tone down other colors.  Green can also be used to give skin an appropriately sickly pallor.


Colors – You will also need makeup in shades of red and yellow to create accents. These can be theatrical greasepaint or eye shadows mixed with oil to make them more saturated and easier to apply over large areas of skin. Get creative with your colors to create a truly unique and terrifying zombie makeup.


Tools : Putting on zombie makeup can be time consuming. Make sure that you have plenty of makeup application foam wedges, paintbrushes, makeup remover wipes, art smudge sticks and applicators so that you can properly apply all the appliances and makeup that you want to use. It’s also a good idea to keep the ingredients for fake flesh and scabs on hand along with bottles of fake blood.



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