The Blockbuster Movies of 2012


blockbusters2012 has been a great year for movies, and there are still some blockbusters coming before the year ends. Without a doubt the box office belonged to super-smash The Hunger Games in 2012. The highly anticipated film based on the popular teen novels owned the box office since it was released in March 2012 and dominated box offices worldwide. Katniss Everdeen, the main character, instantly became a heroine all girls could look up to and will no doubt be one of the most in demand costumes this Halloween. Her sister Primrose Everdeen along with other beloved characters from the books like Peeta, Effie Trinket, and other characters from the movie will also be popular for Halloween this year. With two more Hunger Games movies in the works these characters will be on the most wanted Halloween costume list for the next several years. Some of the other highly anticipated and successful films of 2012 are films like:

Snow White and the Huntsman: This dark interpretation of the classic fairy tale re-imagines the tale of Snow White and makes her a warrior fighting the truly evil queen played perfectly by Charlize Theron. With Twilight star Kristen Stewart taking on the title role as Snow White this film did well at the box office and thrilled fans of movies with a lot of action, a dark edge, and great visual appeal.

The Amazing Spider Man: A lot of people wrote off the Spider Man franchise after studio bean counters demanded the movie cost less than former director Sam Raimi was comfortable working with. The result is a Spider Man movie with relatively unknown starts Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield directed by Marc Webb. The movie is still a strong contender for one of the great movies of 2012 simply because fans will always support Spider Man. This year expect Spider Man costumes to feature a few modern twists on the classic web slinger and for costumes to copy Emma Stone’s youthful and modern look.

World War Z – Fans of the undead and those waiting for the zombie apocalypse have been waiting anxious for this film adaption of the classic science fiction novel. Zombies have become big money for Hollywood studios and the built in cult fan base surrounding the book as well as the mass appeal of zombie movies and TV shows thanks to shows like The Walking Dead mean that World War Z will be one of the hottest films of 2012.

Total Recall 2012 – This updated version of the 1990 classic is also a film that fans have been waiting for. This version of the story is more closely based on the Philip Dick novel that started the whole thing. Some of the Hollywood insiders who have been watching the movie from its conception have said that this Total Recall is similar to a futuristic Bourne Identity. If that’s true it will capture the imaginations of both science fiction loves and action lovers and will take its place as one of the best movies of 2012.


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